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Its not often I try out a drugstore foundation and I want to shout from the top of the hills about it but when I tried this foundation from Flomar I was so surprised.  I'll be honest I had never tried anything from this range before picking up the foundation so I was skeptical about it.  I have been on the hunt for a long lasting full coverage foundation from the drugstore for a while now as I don't want to be using my Urban Decay All Nighter everyday.  

I attended an event in the Waterford Health Park Pharmacy which was a masterclass by Niamh Cleary and while I was there I picked it up.  I went for the darkest shade which was '108 Honey' because as of late I have been tanning all the time and need a dark every day foundation.  

The Run Down

Okay so the foundation itself is full coverage but very light wearing on the skin.  The foundation itself contains Sweet Almond Oil which works wonders on the skin.  It contains vitamin A which can help in the prevention of acne.  Sweet Almond Oil is also great for anyone with sensitivity in the skin. It also contains Olive oil which has amazing benefits on the skin such as it enhances exfoliation and is an all round beauty booster.  
It has a new semifluid formulation which helps hide imperfections and even outs skin tones.  There are 5 shades available from what I seen on stands locally.  
  • 101 Pastelle
  • 102 Soft Beige
  • 105 Porcelain Ivory
  • 106 Classic Ivory
  • 108 Honey
It claims to have a coverage time of 12 hours which I can't argue with as I've been wearing the foundation for weeks now and have yet to touch it up once it goes on!

The foundation bottle itself is hard glass and comes with a clear lid.  The only downfall I have had with it is the pump.  The pump itself feels is kind of hard to pump out at times and it pushes out to much foundation at the one time,  Now I know this is only minor but I like to have control over the pump and this does let me have that option.  It could just be that I got a dodgy pump but when I repurchase I will let ye know.  Or if you have tried it yourself would love to know if you had any problems?

So as you can see from the pictures above its covers everything!  I would say this foundation works best with a primed face.  The primer that I used with this is actually a serum that doubles as a face primer and its the Bioderma HydraBio Face Serum!  I am seriously obsessed with it!  The foundation retails at the middle drugstore price range at €10.95 per bottle!  I applied the foundation with my Blank Canvas F01 dimension series face brush by dotting small amounts of the foundation round my face and starting from the centre of my face out I then blended.  I found the foundation very easy to work with only needing about a pump and half !

Overall I personal find the foundation a great bargain buy.  Its cheap and cheerful but has all the quality's of a higher end foundation.  It has great longevity, with no need for touch ups through out the day!


  1. Full Coverage
  2. Long Lasting
  3. Budget friendly price tag
  4. Its very easy to work with
  5. Lightweight on the skin
  6. Suitable for all skin types


  1. Pump was dodgy, not giving you any control over how much comes out

I give this foundation 8/10 marking it down slightly for the pump etc. but as an overall foundation I loved it!
Have any of ye tried this foundation out before?  If so let me know your thoughts!

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