We're Having Another Baby!

Hey Everyone,

This has been my favourite blog post I have written so far! I'M PREGNANT!! The anticipation of welcoming a new baby to the family is without a doubt one of the most exciting times in someones life and loving delightful emotions a person can experience.  I feel so lucky and blessed to be bringing another little person into this world.  I found out a few weeks ago and I could not wait to tell our family and friends about baby #2!  
I'm not a very superstitious person but I did want to wait until I was around the 3 months to tell people, just until I had my check up in the hospital to make sure the baby and me were fine thankfully we are, according to the Dr. I'm as healthy as can be for a 22 year old so not to worry about a thing.  The scan was amazing and so clear we got to watch as our little baby was moving around like crazy waving their hands and feet all over the place.  You would know the baby's related to Cailan with all that energy!  The most overwhelming moment was when the midwife was moving the ultrasound thing around my belly and we saw the heartbeat.  We didn't get to hear it this visit but hopefully please god during our next we will.  It was such a surreal and special moment getting the first glimpse of our precious little baby.  I for one was over come with emotion but when I saw how happy and excited Lee was too I couldn't help but shed a tear.  
Initially I didn't know I was pregnant and Lee kept on saying it to me that he just knew I was and he was so sure I bought a test to find out once and for all.  The positive result was almost instant.  I did take the two tests that came in the box one that day and the morning after, as the test results are most accurate in the morning, both with positive results right away.  I believed the tests this time as when I took a test on Cailan I couldn't believe what I was reading and ended up taking 15 tests before I went to the doctor.  Yes 15 I could not make this up I was just in such complete shock! Haha!  Being pregnant before Lee said I just had that glow about me again!  I guess hes referring to that pregnancy glow, which I have to say over the last few weeks my skin has become flawless, apart from the dark circles under my eyes which reside due to the constant fatigue.  I am always tired no matter how many hours night sleep I get and if the opportunity for a nap during the day is there you can be sure I'm going to take it.  
Me and Lee have been going back and fourth with ideas on how to tell everyone and then we came up with an amazing idea!  We decided we would tell everybody at Cailan's second birthday party.  As you know from one of my previous posts Cailan is obsessed with Fireman Sam and fire engines so we got a t-shirt made up for him which we wrapped up as one of his presents for him to open on the day.  Lee came up with the design for the t-shirt and it turned out amazing!

 We decided we would wrap it up and give it to Cailan as one of his birthday presents along with the rest and leave it for him to open until last.  So that time came at the party,  I was so excited but had little butterflys in my tummy at the same time I was waiting so long for this moment to finally tell all of our nearest and dearest that I couldn't believe it was that time already from finding out, to planning on how to tell everyone and now its here.  So we handed Cai this present last which at this stage he was pretty anxious to get out of is high chair so he could play with his new toys but he hung on in their and opened it... but nobody had noticed what the t-shirt actually said until one of Lee's sisters starts shouting OMG! It was such a funny and amazing moment watching everyone and their reactions to our news.  The room was ecstatic and everyone was so happy and thrilled for us and couldn't congratulate us enough.  There was even some teary eyes in the room.  I am so happy I can finally talk about it.  Keeping a secret from everyone  your close to is so hard.  Every time I seen them I had a little voice in my head screaming I'm pregnant at them! Haha and I don't know wether there was something in the air but these past few weeks there has been nothing but baby talk in the air.  People were asking would we ever go again for another one and things like that which made it even harder not to tell anyone.
We are expecting little baby Nugent #2 in August.  I am now 14 weeks which means I'm into my  second trimester already and it's been a fast 3 and a half months.  I have been so lucky and blessed so far having no morning sickness or anything like that.  The only difference in me now and me not pregnant is my energy I am just constantly tired as I've mentioned above and I am always bloated I have that constant feeling whether I've ate something or not.  Hopfully that will lift as the second trimester is often known as the honeymoon stage so we will have to wait and see.  In saying this I do always get happy when I'm suddenly struck down with tiredness or start feeling bloated as I know these feelings are my little miracle growing inside me.
 I will keep you posted on updates and appointments as I go to them aswell as keep you updated on Cailan.  I will have a post to follow this week about his birthday and how it all went.  
Its such an amazing time in our life's right now Cailan I don't think really understands what is ahead of him all he knows now is that their's a little tiny baby in mammy's belly and we love him/her very much.
Here is the picture we got from our scan pretty clear I think...

Until next time,

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  1. Congratulations to you and Lee, very happy for for the both of you, onwards and upwards! Great blog x

  2. Congratulations to you and Lee, very happy for for the both of you, onwards and upwards! Great blog x

  3. The tears are rolling down my face,sooo happy for Yee 😍 roll on August xxxxx

  4. Congrats that is lovely news xx

  5. Ahh congratulations Lisa - how exciting :) Can't wait to read all the updates xx

    1. Thanks ellen ☺️ its all so crazy right now but were so happy! Thanks girl xx

  6. Awh congratulations Lisa! We are due a week apart in August. Although both my babies came few weeks earlier. Glad to hear you had no sickness and are thriving. The bloating should hopefully pass soon xx


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