Cailans going to be featuring in his own posts! :D

Hey my lovelys :)

So I've been wanting to do a feature post with my little man Cailan for so long now but finding a topic to sit and talk with a 2 year old about can be quite hard! Haha.
Cailan loves story time whether its a story before bed or if I need to take 5 mins out to chill during the day I will read him a story which he just lives through!  I've really been noticing that he has been asking more and more for a story so thought I would do a feature of his top 5 picks!  This was pretty easy because he always asks for the same story's over and over again anyway. Haha.  
He likes all kinds of books from adventure to his favourite characters :)  I can almost read these story's without the book at this stage but they never fail to excite him and get his imagination going.
I really do believe in reading to your children as early as possible they are so many benefits for them and you.  Here are some I've been noticing during our little story sessions.

When me and Cailan are sitting up all cuddled on the sofa about to turn the page and set of on an adventure into a book I always feel a strong sense of closeness between us.  It is such a great way to bond with your child and have that 1 to 1 time with them.  This in turn will also make your child feel close to you making it the perfect bonding experience.  The positive feeling that you child gets from reading now will stay with him as he grows and he will always feel that sense of happiness when reading.

 Also I really feel strongly about me and Cailan having 1 to 1 time with me as we have another little baby due to arrive in August I want me and Cailan to still continue to have our own time together and have things we do and love, with reading being one of them!  

I know reading story's is a great method to calm Cailan down if he is just too hyper, if hes over tired or if hes having a screaming down the house tantrum!  I know what some of you moms might be thinking! Noway will I ever get my child to sit down and listen for 5-10 minutes!  But have you ever tried?  If not then you definitely should give it a go.  The key really is to find the right book that interests them.  You could try reading them a book about something they love doing so right away they will be able to connect with the story!

Another thing I've noticed is that reading has been increasing Cailan's attention span.  This is a very important tool to be able to help you child concentrate.  As you may or may not no toddlers attentions span can be somewhat compared to a goldfish most of the time!  Clueless and changing there mind every 3 seconds! Haha But of late and the more we get to sit down together his attention has been increasing he will sit there now until the end of the story and wont be distracted by the chair hes sitting on!

Its been helping him learn his colours, different shapes, teaching him the proper way to read is form left to right and its also helping expand his interests in things such as cars, trucks and pirates depending on the book of course!

Also reading can help children understand situations a lot more for example as I mentioned Cailan will be becoming a big brother very soon.  Now he is aware of the baby in mammys belly but what he's not aware of is that a baby will be coming out of mammys belly! Haha.  I have been to my local bookstore in town and have been searching online for some books that will help him understand more and make him aware that he will be a big brother.  Also I find if were sitting down reading a book about it, that it opens up the topic and will help me explain it to him a lot better.  If any of you know of a great book that helped your child understand mammy having another baby please let me know in the comments or even message me! I have a few I'm looking into but would love to here from moms who would recommend!
The method above can be used for pretty much anything!  Have you got a toddler whos terrified of the potty? Or a child who is anxious about starting school?  Have a look around and find a book that will help you.  Just typr it into google or even go in ans ask in your local bookstore they will be more then happy to help you.  It will help open up areas for them to talk to you about, how they are feeling an why?  Honestly I would not go past using books as an aid to help you and your child through a situation.

As you can see their are endless benefits to reading with your child.  So I will be starting this line of blog posts next week and they will be a weekly feature for 5 weeks.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea?

Until next time,

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  1. That's a great idea for a post. I might steal it for myself. Lol. But for real it is a good idea to hear what your Lil man has to say. X

    1. Thank you hun :) I thought it would be fun to do as I have been wanting to include him in a post for so long! :D

  2. That's a great idea for a post. I might steal it for myself. Lol. But for real it is a good idea to hear what your Lil man has to say. X


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