Leg cramps, broken sleep and heartburn! ( My 30 Week Pregnancy Update )

Hey Everyone, 

I haven't done a pregnancy update in a while and that's because for so long there was really nothing to update you all on.  However, over the past few weeks the bumps gotten bigger bringing around a new set of challenges with it!  

As of now I am 30 weeks and 3 days, I honestly can't believe how fast the time is flying this pregnancy around.  I guess when your looking after a toddler constantly playing and cleaning up after them you don't have the chance to sit around like I did on my last pregnancy.  This has helped with weight gain aswell as I haven't gained half as much weight at this point in pregnancy on this baby, as I did when I was 30 weeks on Cailan!  I have also been eating alot healthier too which I'm sure that has been helping too.  Don't get me wrong if I am fancying a take-away or a cheeky bar of chocolate I won't deprive myself, I would go mad otherwise but I have just been having everything in moderation.  

Leg cramps, broken sleep and heartburn have all become an unwelcomed part of my daily life.  Especially at bedtime now you would think this is the time I would get to sit back and relax maybe catch up on some of my tele programs or whatever but NO! Bedtime for me brings a long its own set of problems.  As soon as my muscles relax they cramp everything from my hands to my feet I just can't avoid it. The broken sleep and constant twisting and turning in the bed makes for a terrible night sleep and making 2 or 3 trips to the toilet every night can get quite annoying too.  I'm almost doing it in my sleep at this stage I know the route with my eyes closed! Haha  As for the heartburn its in full throttle! :( I've noticed certain foods will trigger it off such as white bread and cucumbers so I've been trying to avoid eating them altogether!!! Its all a learning curve really.

Last Friday I had my check up in the hospital and thankfully everything went well.  My blood pressure was fine, we heard the babys heartbeat which is always amazing and a relief at the same time!   It was the first time Lee had heard the babys heartbeat so it was just a really nice moment one that you don't ever forget :)
At my last appointment when I was chatting to the midwifes and doctors they told me to have a think about what kind of delivery I wanted this time around as they offered me the choice of having a section because of everything that happened the last time! (( I will have Cailans birth story up on the blog soon, I've mentioned that I had an emergency section before so I think it would be nice to share my full birth story with you all and fill you in on everything that happened))  
I still have not made up my mind as its quite a big decision to make.  I came along to my appointment with a list of questions for them as long as my arm and they were more then happy to sit and chat with me.  I'm still in two minds about it all really it is such a major decision to make and I'm still weighing up the pros and the cons!  I will keep yee updated on everything as it all unfolds anyways.  I am waiting on the over seeing doctor to ring me so I can go through everything again with him, get some final reassure and hopfully make a decision then as I know I will have to make one soon enough.

So here is a front and profile shot of the bump in all its glory! I know there was a lot of hype around a bump picture and I really don't know why I never included one sooner! Haha I love my bump and every stretch mark that covers it.  It shows my personal struggles and gains through both pregnancy's,  I remember being so insecure about them at first but I've grown to love them. :)

I guess thats pretty much it! As I said I will keep yee all updated as different things unfold and decisions are made :)

Until next time,

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