My Slimming World Journey has finally begun!

Hey Everyone, 

I am thrilled to be finally bringing you guys this post I have been thinking (and talking) about joining Slimming World for so long that I almost gave up on the idea. However I'm so glad I didn't and I finally bit the bullet and joined.
I guess I just finally relised that moaning about my weight isn't going to change it, I had to change it.  I was just sick of feeling unhappy in clothes and always feeling bloated after eating so I finally went to my first group meeting yesterday evening!
I was undecided about which group to join, there is one not 2 minutes away from where I live and another in the center of town that almost everyone is raving about!  So I had a decision to make convenience over great results.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying I wouldn't have achieved great results in the other class its just everyone that I had chatted to just raved about the group in town so I just couldn't ignore what everyone was saying and I decided that was the one for me.  Plus recently I've been making a lot of 'convenient' choices for myself regarding diet so I thought what a better way to brake the 'convenient' habit then by joining a group that would allow me a nice walk to and from its a win, win if you ask me! I may regret this decision later when the real cold and rainy winter nights start to come in but oh well! Haha.

I was in slimming world before and I really did see some amazing results but when my mam decided to leave I did too as I just wouldn't go by myself!  Anyways the reason I decided to rejoin was pretty simply I knew the plan worked for me before so why not again?  I remember being pleasantly surprised about how easy it was to follow once you got into the swing of things and thirdly because it doesn't feel like your dieting at all.   In actually fact slimming world still allows you to enjoy some of your favourite treats if you syn them but I will get into all that technical stuff in another post if you wish to hear more. (Just comment below and leave me know if you'd like to read what its all about)

So without getting to technical each meal should always have 1/3 of superfree foods which are essentially your fruit and veg and the rest of the plate free foods this group can be varied so here are some example, pasta, rice, couscous etc.  Then you have your Healthy A and Healthy B options and your healthy A is basically your calcium so cheese, milk etc. and your healthy B would be things like bread, bagels and so on. (Again I'd be here for the day listing but if you would like me to go into it in more detail for you then please let me know and I'll get working on it for you) Last but not least are your syns. You are aloud between 5-15 syns a day and starting off your recommended to actually use around 10-15 as you can still enjoy some luxury's in your diet if you cut it all at once your more inclined to binge then.  I know this is certainly the case for me as I could be great for 2/3 days and then ruin it all by sitting down and drowning my body in chocolate and chewy sour goodness! Haha.

So as I mentioned above I went to my first meeting with a friend and the Lees sister.  I get quite anxious going to things like this myself so having the girls there was brilliant and can I just mention that my friends results are amazing !! She is living proof slimming world works and I can only hope I see some results like hers! You know who you are! Haha. 
As soon as I sat down with the group after we got the introduction I knew this was the right group for me.  Everyone was so positive and upbeat about it sharing tips and tricks.  I couldn't believe how supportive everyone actually was.  I am delighted because I seriously lack the self motivation to stick at something myself.  As much as I hate to admit it, its very true!  So having a group I can go to each week knowing how supportive everyone really is will help me to stay on track!
The girl who is actually running the group is on her own slimming world journey and that is amazing in itself because she really understands what you are going through and she can relate to almost everything!

I plan to blog every 2-3 weeks about recipes, how I'm getting on and some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way but if you would like to see them more frequently then let me know.

Anyways, for the first time since I've wanted to lose weight I finally feel like my target is reachable!  I am so excited to beginning my journey of weightloss and even more excited to be sharing it all with you! Hopfully that will give me the extra motivation I need.  If you are thinking about joining, or you are a member already then please let me know, don't hesitate to email me or pop me a message or even comment down below and let me know how your getting on, your tips and tricks and recipes.  Sharing is caring as my mam always says so lets help us all get there and reach our desired targets!

Oh and by the way if your thinking about rejoining or joining as a new member go and grab yourself a copy of this weeks bella magazine you will get free membership (normally €18) so all you will have to pay on the night is the €9! This is what you will pay every week until you reach your target and then its free membership for life!

Here is to change dolls...

Until next time,

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  1. It's great you're doing the progress, but remember you're beautiful always :) Life is short, just don't worry and if you wanna change something just be confidence and change :) Don't get sad, because nothing is worth it :) Take care and visit my blog if you want :) choose your language and check the notes :)

    1. Thank you hun. I completely understand what your saying however I'm losing weight for me and me only. I just don't feel comfortable anymore and that's when I know its time for a change. I'm not expecting it to be over night but I'm prepared to put the work and time into doing it! :D

    2. Thank you hun. I completely understand what your saying however I'm losing weight for me and me only. I just don't feel comfortable anymore and that's when I know its time for a change. I'm not expecting it to be over night but I'm prepared to put the work and time into doing it! :D


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