''Imitation is NOT the best form of flattery''

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Hey my lovelys,

So I have a very different kind of post for you today and maybe a slightly controversial one too but it is something that has been bugging me and getting to me for a while so what better way to get it out then share my views on it with you.  After all this little speck of space that my blog takes up on the internet is a place where I can share with you my views, passions, likes and hates!

I'm not usually one to be a negative nelly here on the blog and in life general but when something eats away at you so much you have to express yourself.  I'm not always great at expressing myself verbally so sitting down and writing this post is very therapeutic I guess that's why I always kept a diary growing up!  

So growing up in school I think most people will have experienced a time where a friend, classmate, friendamy, neighbour whoever it may have been to copy them.  I remember a few but one sticks out very vividly in my mind because of how soul destroying it was and how upset I got now bare in mind I was only about 7/8 at the time! Haha.  So I arrive into school one day and I legit think I am gods gift!  My mam had spent hours the night before putting tones of braids in my hair it was the 90's okay? Haha.  Anyways when I got to school for the whole day this one girl made fun of me and laughed at me.  I came home that day from school distraught, how could one of my friends be so mean!  Why would someone do that?  My mam sat comforting me telling me my hair was fab, that I looked beautiful and not to listen to people like that!  Her words rang in my ears as I made the daunting walk up the pathway to school!  ''I'm not to listen, I'm not to listen''  So as I got to the yard and about to head to my lena my friend was sporting, I shit you not, a head full of braids!  I couldn't believe my eyes, I was just in shock.  Oh god if only I could go back now to all the times in my life like that I would.  I was so quite in school I said nothing!  Not a thing did I say to her and carried on as normal!  I remember bursting out the school doors that day skimming the crowd of mothers, fathers and grandparents to find my mam!  I spot her and make an almighty leap.  I repeatedly told her the story over and over again on the walk home of how my friend turned up to school today with a head full of braids!  Again as my mam comforted my frustration she told me ''imitation is the highest form of flattery''.  I didn't believe her then, how could I.  I was feeling everything but flattered!  I still don't believe her to this day!

As a blogger I have seen way too many times situations where bloggers claim to own a post or create a picture which is just simply not the case.  Even with clear evidence of plagiarism they will still claim as their own and its just plain wrong.  When someone takes the time to sit down and write a post they should be given that much respect at least right?  Enough respect for someone not to copy them or steal a picture!  At least I think so do you? 
Trust me I'm not up on a high horse here infact I've never experienced this.  I am one of the lucky ones, well that I know of, who's work has not been replicated or copied!  However I am experiencing something a little different.  

Having someone shadowing the things you do can be more then frustrating at times.  Now here is the thing some of you may say take it as a compliment someone is copying you or doing things that your doing but here is my point where does it stop? Surely when people are doing that, they know what there doing?

Why not just be yourself!  Innovate not imitate, taking inspiration from someone is one thing!  Its actually fantastic its what every blogger dreams of accomplishing being able to inspire someone.  I get inspired by other bloggers daily, hell its impossible not too, with so many extremely talented and hard working ladies out there now!  But taking it that one step further can be just to much there is a massive difference between being inspired by someone and just plain right copying them!  I put in countless hours each week to updating my social media and blog, untold hours!  I don't get paid for all my hard work nor am I looking to I blog because I love it,  I love the feeling I have once I finish a post, frame a picture for Instagram and write my details of that days makeup!  I love everything I do.  I love to blog, I love being a makeup artist but when someone copy's me its takes away some of that joy and that's not right!  I talk to bloggers weekly about this problem and it seems I'm not the only one.  Whether it be another blogger copying your work, another makeup artist claiming your looks or whoever it may be!  Its not okay.  It's simply not okay to take someone else's hard work and claim it as your own,  its just not okay!

I'll leave you with this quote....

Until next time,

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