10lbs in 13 Days!

13 days ago I started my Lighterlife journey and I am so happy I decided to embark on this journey again.  If you have read my previous (CLICK HERE TO READ) then you will know that I did try this before and not even lasting a day.  For me at the time I thought I was 100% committed to losing weight but when it came down to the grind of it and me actually having to put some work it I was far from ready.  I didn't even last 1 day that last time.  So when people ask me is this an easy way to lose weight!  It absolutely is not.  You are committing to come away from food.  So unless you really want to lose weight and see results your just not going to stick to it!

How was week 2?

So I guess your all wondering how I got on this week and I'm going to be 100% truthful!  I struggles massively this week for one main reason.  It was that time of the month yeno that time of the month that you dedicate a week to moodswings, Ginos Ice-Cream and loads of chocolate?  Yeah well I had all the cravings this week there wasn't a bar or sweat that crossed my path that I didn't think about eating!  I felt like a big child spitting my dummy our the pram looking at everything thinking ''well why can't I have that?'!  Although I struggled, bitched and moaned I did it while eating my foodpacks.  Just when I thought that demon on my shoulder had stopped telling me to 'eat all the pies' it rared its ugly head and before I knew it I found myself eating!  I had half a burger gone.  The weird thing?  I was full and for the first time in a long time I actually felt guilty eating that kind of food.  So I drew a line under it.  I didn't dwell on the fact I had eating it.  If I did I knew I would of just kept going and the result would not of been as good as it had this week!
To my amazement I lost 4lbs this week.  That brings me up to a total of 10lbs in 13 days!  I could not be happier or proud of myself for sticking to it.  Yeah okay I had a little slip up but I am only human too.  These things happen and the most important thing to do is not to dwell on it or let it get you down.  

I am now entering my 3rd week on the Lighterlife Total plan and so far its been a journey full of its ups and downs.  I'm hoping that this week may be a little easier as I'm so close to reaching that 1 stone weightloss, that I am more motivated then I started to get there.

So here is too the week ahead!  If you want to see how I got on my first week in lighterlife and losing 6 lbs  then just click here!  If you want to see how I get on daily then add me on my Snapchat!  You will find my snapchat name below!

If you have any questions don't be afraid to comment or drop me a message!  I'd be more then happy to answer them for you!

If you want to joing or enquire about joining Lighterlife here in Waterford then you can contact Louise or Anne yourself here are their contact numbers!

Anne Cooper - 0860280280
Louise Dunphy - 0863275083

- Don't forget that if you mention my name when joining you will receive 10% off when you join!

Until next time,

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  1. Could I ask how much the plan you chose cost for the 4 weeks?? :)


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