Essence Cosmetics Brand Focus + Favourites #1

Welcome back!  If your a new reader thanks for clicking!  I'm assuming you clicked this cause like me you like to know the low down when it comes to certain brands.  This is exactly why I wanted to do a brand focused series on my blog, I'm just as curious as you are.  So to kick off my first ever post in this series I thought I would focus in on one the first brand of makeup I ever bought myself which was essence! It was the Essence Long Wearing foundation which at the time only had 3 shades, eeeks!  I owned and wore all 3 by the way... oh yes!
Thankfully I have come up in the world ever so slightly and just enough to now know how to match my shade correctly!

Essence for me was always makeup on a budget.  Until the last few years they have changed their formula in alot of things including their mascaras and concealers which some have fastly become my favourites.  Its a very accessible brand here locally in Ireland and across the globe.  Essence is currently Europe's no.1 makeup brand and I can see why.  It offers beauty on a budget without having to compromise heavily with the quality.

So lets get into some of my favourites,..


Mascaras is something Essence do very, very well.  So well in fact that I genuinely always go back to an Essence mascara even when I splurge out I always come back because when compared to higher end ones they hold and last just as long as them if not sometimes better!  Here are my top 4!
  • The False Lashes Mascara €2/3
  • Get Big Lashes €2/3
  • Lash Princess €2.69
  • Rock 'n' Doll €3.50

2 in 1 Bronzer Palette

Next up we have the Sun Club 2 in 1 Bronzer Powder, this is a seasonal product that only comes out for spring summer so back in the day when it came out I used to stock up so I would never be without this bad boy.  Actually flash forward to today I still always have one to hand.  Its a bronzer and highlighter duo.   The highlight is initially why I feel in love with highlighting its the first one I ever owned.  I used to hit pan on the highlight x5 times quicker then I would the bronzer I used to use that much.  The bronzer is quite cool toned and very comparable to the Hoola from benefit.  However the consistency is a little crumbly but for the price and the pay off that was always something I was happy to over look. This costs about €4!

Gel Eyeliner Pencils

(04 Blue Lagoon)

(07 Cloudy White)

Trust me when I tell you this next one is an absolute gem.  Their Gel Eyeliner Pencils are up there with the best liners I've ever used.  The only other brand I have found comparable to them is the Urban Decays 24/7 Waterline Pencils.  These bad boys are no joke.  There creamy but insanely pigmented, there glide so comfortable along the lash line and waterline I am always recommending these pencils to people.  I am obsessed, they come in so many different colours as well which is not something a drugstore brand always offers.  My most used colours are 04 Blue Lagoon which is a gorgeous under the sea bluey/green and 07 Cloudy White.  They are priced between €2/€3.


(Without Flash)

(With Flash)

I've never been a hug blush fan but I was recently sent out this blush from Essence and I think they are quite new to their collection.  Its the Matt Touch Blush in the shade 20 Berry Me Up and it costs €3.10.  I have to say its quite stunning!! Its pink without being to pink.  This colour in particular adds a really natural flush to the face, I don't know if its this warmer weather but I have found myself sporting a light foundation, mascara, and some nude lippy lately and I'm loving it!!!


(06 Bright On)

(04 Rising Star)

Another product I don't fork out for because for me whether its drugstore or high end they always do the same job and its lipgloss.  I hated lipgloss for a good 5 maybe 6 years.  I have long hair so it never really played ball.  However a glossy lip is a hard thing to get away from these days it everywhere!  You favourite blogger, celebrity or your best friend is probably sporting a gloss lip right now!  So I gave in and tried it... I didn't hate it nor did I love it either.  I am and will always be a matt lip gal!  However I did try out their Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Lipgloss for about a week.  It was super glossy without being really stick and tacky on the lips.  It was packed with pigment which I like because I am really not a fan of a sheer gloss.  Mine was in the shade 06 Bright On! These lipglosses also smell and taste amazing lets be honest is definitely a bonus! I ended up giving it to my mam but if your a glossy gal' give these ones a try at €2.50 how can you not?  I also found this pink iridescent lipgloss when searching through my collection I remember being obsessed with this as it just added a gorgeous iridescent shine to any lippy I had on!


 (Without Flash)

(With Flash)
(From Top To Bottom... XXXL Lipgloss Matt 04, 04 It's A Nude Thing, Matt Matt Matt 02, Matt Matt Matt 08, 14 Adorable Matt, Long Lasting 04)

I have a few different lippys from Essence some are Matt and some cream.  Ranging from about €2-€4 can you really go long.  Right do they last all day... no but they are as pigmented as some of my most expensive lippys yes, yes they are.  They have such a wide selection of colours from bright berry reds to soft and gentle nudes.  Depending on your mood or your style their is one for you.  Above are some of my personal favourites that I have be wearing over the past couple of months.


(Without Flash)

(With Flash)

(Without Flash)

(With Flash)
(From Top to Bottom, 04 You're The Greytest, 08 Coral Me Maybe..., 02 Coffee To Glow!)

So Essence are one of the first drugstore brands to create a make your own palette selling single shadows that can be placed into a magnetised palette.  While I have yet to try them which trust me their on my list I swatched a couple of shades in Penney's the other day and I was hooked!  I do however have a few eye shadow palettes and singles (swatched above).  I have always found their shadow consistency soft creamy and a dream to blend.  They have tonnes of palettes to choose from and they tend to always bring out new ones with different collections so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Here's one of my favourites called All About Greys and cost only €4.95.  Just take a moment for the swatches.

Eye Shadow Primer

Something I'm out of and do like is their I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base.  Its quite comparable for me to the Urban Decay Eden Primer.  It not only makes your shadow last longer and helps against creasing but it has coverage so when applied to the lid it cancels out any veins, redness or any discolouration.  Definitely a must try.

Liquid Eyeliner

Last but certainly by no means least is their Waterproof Liquid Liner.  Oh my goodness this stuff is amazing!  I'm obsessed and it is hands down my favourite liquid liner.  Now that's a BIG, BOLD statement to make but I mean it.  The colour is jet blank, it lasts all day its doesn't crack or bleed on the eye.  The consistency for me is spot on its not to runny and it doesn't instantly dry so I find it easy to work with.  The applicator itself is strange cause its almost like a sponge but its so precious.  I always end up with flawless wings when using this and trust me its not because I'm good at them! This only costs about €3 and in ,my opinion everyone needs and should have one of these is their makeup bags!  I think this also comes in a brown shade too!

Have you tried Essence products before?  If so what are your favourites?  Am I missing out on any gems?  Let me know...

Until next time,

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