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So with the excitement of learning the proper basics of applying make-up I've been playing around with it a lot more. This is one of my basic kind-of-go-to-everyday looks.  I love a smokey eye whether it is naturals or dark blacks and purples but I thought I would show you one of the more natural smokey eye looks I do.  Before I go on I just want to say I am in no way an expert on make-up but I am learning.  I use techniques that I think suit me I am not saying this type of look will suit everyone but sometimes its fun to just play around with different styles of make-up even if you do give it a go you can tweak it to how you like.  
Granted the eyeliner is quite heavily winged out I just can't help myself doing this as I find I have quite small eyes and when I use this technique I feel it just makes them bigger and stand out a lot more.  It has become a bit of a signature look for me.  Anybody who knows me, knows I am never without my liner.  I know a thick winged out liner is not for everyone so that part is optional, whether you go all out like me or just stick to a smaller flick is really up to you and your taste.  Also it has taking me so long to perfect the liquid liner and I still have days where I really struggle to get them even.   So if your a newbie to eye-liner I recommend you pick yourself up an eyeliner pen there almost impossible to mess up with.  Start of small and remember practice makes perfect. 
I started this look off by priming my face and I used the rimmel fix and perfect pro.  Now I'm new to using primer as before I started my course I never really gave it a go but since I started using it I've really been finding a difference.  My make-up is now lasting until the end of the day with no touch ups.  Being a mom I am constantly doing something whether its cleaning, playing or out and about I am constantly on the go and by the end of the day my make-up is pretty much gone off my face.  Now, its still there its like a miracle gel.  I'm sure if you use it you know exactly what I'm talking about but if you don't I would really recommend you would give it a try.  Primers can be expensive so if you don't want to splash the cash on a primer or your just a bit iffy on it pick yourself up a tube of the Rimmel It was only something like 8/9 and its doing the trick for me.
Next I applied my foundation which is Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish foundation in the colour Ivory.  Its full coverage and long lasting what more could you want? Then I applied my concealer by Collection in the colour fair, lucky enough for me I inherited under eye dark circles yay... so they are usually first to be concealed, next I have some blemishes around my nose so I usually dab some on there too.  A tip for buying concealer it should always be 1 or 2 shades lighter then your actual skin tone.
I then set it all with my pressed face powder by Rimmel in the colour translucent.  I think its so important that you set your look with a powder I find it helps your make-up last longer throughout the day.  I then dabbed my hand at a little highlight and contouring.  I am still very new at this and its not something that's showing up great in the picture but it didn't turn out to bad.  I used my highlighter by Catrice and my matt bronzer by Collection.  I applied the bronzer to the temples of my forehead down the side of my face to my cheek and then very thinly under my cheek bones.  I then applied it under my chin and the sides of my nose.  I used my highlighter in the centre of my forehead, down my nose and above my cheek bone and blended.  For blush I just used the silky touch blush by Essence in the colour natural beauty and blended well.
Then onto my eyes my favorite part!!  I am obsessed with eye shadow palette I lieterally can not get enough of them!  For this look I used the naked palette 2.  I used bootycall as my base and highlighter shadow which I used just below my brows and along my lid.  I then used tease and blended it in my crease area and just kept layering until i got my desired colour and finished off with suspect on my lid which I blended in with the crease colour.  Next I moved onto my liquid eyeliner on my eyelid not going to go into much detail as I did up above already.  I then used my Urban Decay eyeliner in the colour Smog and lined the lower part of eye.  I finished off the my eyes with my the back lash mascara by seventeen in the colour blackest black.  This is a new mascara and I'm in two minds about it but I won't right it off just yet until I give it another few try's.
I filled my eyebrows in with the new Penney's eyebrow kit which I haven't been able to leave down since I bought it.  I then completed the whole look with a red lippy from avon whoch has been discontinued.

The Finished look

So that's it I hope you like these type of posts as I hope to do more and more of them in the future. Let me know what you think or send me pictures of your finished look if you tried it.  If you have any requests of what you'd like to see next or if you have any questions for me don't hesitate to ask you will get me on this or any of the social medias below.

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