Cailans 2nd Birthday Party

Hey Everyone,

So now that my amazing news is finally out I can breathe a sigh of relief, I have so many exciting post lined up that I can't wait to share with you all.  If you have read my last one you will know I'm pregnant with baby no.2 and the excitement in our family is crazy right now.   There is nothing more exciting then welcoming another little angel to the family and while were speaking of little angels I want to tell you all about how Cailan's party went last Sunday.  The day my little baby of 1 officially crossed over into the terrible 2's although I think he has tested the waters with that one a couple of times already!
Everything went off without a hitch! Thank god, as I'm sure anyone who has as ever planned something ever knows that something usually always go's wrong. Haha.  We we're however running around the house like headless chickens all morning trying to get stuff done, from blowing up nearly 20 odd balloons and decorating to preparing food and cooking it.  
It was such a fun day and Cailan had a blast.  He was absolutely pooped out by the end of the day and he was just laying flat out on top of me and just laid there while I got him ready for bed.  Poor pet was only fit for the bed at that stage.
I did end up baking the cake I was so excited to get stuck into it.  I baked and decorated the cake all the night before after little man was down.  I started of just preparing the chocolate cake mix in a bowl and baking it in the oven until it raised and looked something like a cake.  I allowed it to cool and filled the inside with freshly whipped cream and yes it looked delicious already.  I then decorated it with two different ready made icings by Betty Crocker which I had just picked up in the flavours chocolate fudge brownie and vanilla.  I then just decorated until I could decorate no more.  Seriously though I don't think there was any room left on the cake for me to decorate. Haha.  Here's how the cake looked before and after it was decorated...
Yeah its not prefect but it tasted amazing and everyone loved it and complimented my efforts with it.  The white chocolate buttons went the whole way around and believe me when I say the combination of the buttons and the chocolate fudge icing was like heaven on a plate!
Now because I was so busy it completely slipped my mind to get pictures of the decorations and the food etc.  So I've scraped together some picture taking by family at the party that will give you some idea as to what I done.
So as you can see or may not see apologies again about the pictures, I just made mini sausage rolls, a couple of trays of sandwiches which I have to say a big thanks to my Mam and Dad who made up all of them for us the morning off massive help thanks again guys.  We had rice crispy buns and  those kandy kabobs which I have to say both went down a treat.  By the end of the party there was no food left at all. 
Decoration wise we had some balloons dangling down from the ceiling onto the table which looked so cool really wish I had a decent picture of it.  We also had more balloons lose around on the floor etc.  We had happy 2nd birthday banners and birthday boy banners plastered all over the walls,  I don't think there was a bare wall to be seen.  The tablecloth was Fireman Sam as was the plates, napkins and cups.
Here is what the finished kabob's looked like I really can't express how well these went down with everyone such a cool and funky idea.  They were going so fast I even hid 2 away so I could enjoy them afterwards... Dam you sweet tooth!  In the picture you can also see some rice crispy buns in red and yellow cases to fit the theme of Fireman Sam also in the bottom corner are the mini sausage rolls.  Unfortunately I didn't get to taste them them were also gone before I knew it so I'm just taking for granted they tasted as well as they smelt!
Overall it was such a memorable and special day not only did Cailan turn 2 but we shared our amazing news with all our family,  I'm not going to go into much detail again as I have just recently posted all about the reveal so if you haven't checked it out be sure to give it a read.  So instead here are some picture of Cailan and Lee of the moment he opened the present and his reaction!

With all this excitement and planning of the last 2 weeks my make-up course has taking a back seat.  It's not that I didn't want to it's I just found it impossible to make the time to sit down and work on models and myself.  My main focus for the coming weeks is to get my teeth sunk back into the course again.  I mean I guess this is why I choose this course in the first place because it gives you the freedom of time to complete your modules.  Which is exactly what I needed.  So keep your eye out for some make-up looks and tips in the coming weeks :) 

Just want to wish my little man the happiest of birthdays once again.  Your the most amazing person to have every come into my life and its a privilege for me to be able to call you my son.
Love you Caibear.

Hope you enjoyed this post half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time,

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