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Hey Everyone, 

I am so excited to write this post today because it's my very first make-up review.  I discovered this make-up brand through Instagram (god I love that app, add me my link to my Instagram account is down below).  So many leading make-up artists were raving about this brand so when I looked up The MUA Cosmetics website I could not believe my eyes.  Talk about value for money, well you certainly get it here.  It's along the same line as make-up brands sold here such as Essence and Catrice I would say so some thing's were a hit others were a miss but seriously for the price I paid for them it was certainly worth taking the chance for.
I thought MUA Cosmetics would be the perfect brand to start off with as this make-up line suits all budgets and make-up artists alike.  I will have a link to the website at the end of this post be sure to check them out as they have a winter sale going on at the moment and you will be able to get some super bargains to fill you make-up bag.  Whether your a make-up lover and love trying out new brands and products or your a professional mua I would definitely recommend most of the products I reviewed.   In total I got 3 blushes, 2 pairs of eyelashes, 1 eyeshadow palette, 5 lose glitter eye shadow pots, 1 mascara, 1 felt tip eye liner, 5 lipsticks and 1 velvet lip lacquer.  I can assure you I got a lot of bang for my buck as it all came only came to something bonkers like €27 and the cost of delivery and shipping itself cost €7 so you do the math!  Crazy savings I know and a lot of what I got was in the winter sale section so it cost me nearly next to nothing!

So this is everything I got together!  The branding and packaging were a pleasant surprise as a lot of make-up and brushes you can get on the internet can look a certain way on the screen and completely different when you get it.  Anyone else ever had that problem?  
Anyways as I said I was delighted with everything apart from the lipsticks which I was a little disappointed in.  Now before I go any further I did only pay like €1.00 for each lipstick so I wasn't expecting a Mac finish or anything but when I swatch the lipsticks they didn't show to colour as the swatches on the website.  They were a lot less pigmented I love bold bright colours on the lip so I gravitated more towards those but got light spring colours instead which I suppose I can't complain as were into spring now right?
So these are the lipstick swatches perfect light and fresh colours to take you into spring but they are nothing to the colour's at the bottom of the lipstick or I thought they were.  From left to right they are peachy keen, fawn fancy, wild berry, scarlet siren and the last one is just called  shade 4. 

I swathed the palette next, it was half price and only €2.68.  The special that was on when I was purchasing was get their new mega lash mascara free with any eye shadow palette.  So I thought why not as a lot of their palettes were in the sale section and half off.  Again I was quite surprised the colours are quite pigmented the pictures don't really do them justice but their bright bold and great for the price.  If your a first timer when it comes to eye shadows picking up cheap palettes like these ones are prefect for playing around with, finding out what colours suit your eyes, learning to blend etc.  I swatched the colours from top to bottom and left to right as the colours don't have names.  

Next I swatched the loose eye shadow glitter pots and I am in love with them.  I am loving glitter shadows at the moment using them over other shadows to enhance the boldness for a sultry or sexy smokey eye or just using them on their own I just can't get enough so when I saw these glitter pots in the sake section I bought them all.  Again they were priced ridiculously cheap a 67c a pop.  So how could you go wrong?  The colours are just amazing and are very long lasting as you can imagine I have been wearing them none stop since they came!  As you can see form the swatches their bold, glittery, shiny and fabulous!  My two favorites are definitely the silver and gold.  If your thinking your going to buy some MUA Cosmetics I would definitely recommend picking up at least 1 or 2 of these shadow pots to see just how good they are!  They go by shade numbers rather then name colours so I tried to get the shade numbers visible but the writing is just to small to see so i'll list them under the pictures below.
Shade 5
Shade 2 
Shade 1
Shade 6
Shade 4

I then decided to test our the luxe velvet lip lacquer and eye liner pen.  I am in love with the lip lacquer I got it in the colour reckless and it was on point!  I am definitely going to buy all the colours next time I buy MUA products online because I am in love.  It went on like a normal lip gloss and it set just like a matte lipstick, so easy to apply.  I wore it all day and it didn't budge I ate breakfast and lunch and only had to re-apply that night as I was heading out for dinner.  The eye liner pen was fab too lasted all day and I got it in just a kohl black. That day I also tested out the mega lash mascara which wasn't to bad.  I had to apply a good couple of coats until I got the thickness and length I like.  Overall it wasnt bad but I don't think this is something I will but again.  The picture below is my make up that day and shows off the gorgeous lip color, eye liner ans mascara.

So that was pretty much everything apart from the lashes which are just very natural everyday lashes to enhance a smokey eye look but I haven't tried them yet I'm sure their just going to be pretty basic.  However they do have other types of lashes too. Also the blushes which unfortunately the brown on fell and smashed everywhere before i could swatch it and the other two are just the same which are a peachy pink in shade 1.
This week has been crazy busy and non-stop.  I can't believe my little baby is turning 2 I'm just so proud of him and the little person that he is becoming.  He brings me nothing but joy, love and happiness.  Just like all children his innocence and love is pure and to me hes absolutely perfect in every way.  
Happy Birthday Caibear!

Until next time,

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  1. Great review, only to much stuff. Hope to see more from you. Much love

  2. Thank you maxine I plan on doing more reviews in the futre love getting feedback and im glad tour enjoying the blog.


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