Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow pallet REVIEW!!

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I decided I would do a review for today's blog post.  I have recently rediscovered my naked pallet 3 and fallen back head over heels in love with it.  I use my naked 2 pallet everyday and a lot of the colours are almost gone on me at this stage :( So I said to myself to start re-using some of my other pallets and shadows I have that have just been sitting there gathering dust the past few months!
First to my hand was the naked 3 now at first when I got this as a present from Lee I was so excited I had got it when it first came out and I was one of the first of my friends to try it.  I wasn't too excited about the colours at the time as I was very much a brown, black and gold shadow wearer so these warmer pinky tonnes just weren't to my taste.  I had always avoided the colour pink before.  Like even in clothes I just felt with pale skin it was one of them colours that would wash you out.  However none of the colours in the pallet are actually a bold pink just , rose tones which I had never thought to use before. It turned out when I played around with the pallet the colours just blended and harmonised together which in turn actually complimented my green eyes.  I am in love with almost all the shadows in this pallet but I do have my favourites which are Dust, Buzz, Nonner and Darkside.

Urban Decay 3 Eyeshadow Pallet
There are 12 shades in the pallet ranging from a creamy white with a hint of pink to a a dark brown with a sprinkle of pink glitter.  The pallet also comes with a double ended brush which I use to blend and apply my shadows all the time.  I think its great value for money as I have used the brush everyday since I have got the pallet and the brush itself is still in mint condition.  Also included in the purchase was 4 Urban Decay eyeshadow primer testers that came in 4 amazing shades Sin, Original, Eden and Anti-Aging.  Sin was a shimmer based primer and Eden was a nude matte.

The first colour in the pallet is this creamy white with a ever so slight hint of pink called Strange.  It is very pigmented and acts as a great under eyebrow highlighter for a smokey eye area great base colour to enhance the tonnes of other shadows.  It is one of only 4 matte shades.
Urban Decay 3 Strange eyeshadow

The next colour in the pallet is Dust.  Now dust is one of my favourite shades as it again is highly pigmented, shimmery light pink shade with can be a statement shadow on the lid when applied with a few layers.  I used this shade to blend when creating different looks from this pallet. 
Urban Decay 3 Dust eyeshadow

Burnout is the next shade and when it is applied to the lid is a very frosted pink.  Again it is a great colour for blending and also a great colour to build up on when creating an eye look.
Urban Decay 3 Burnout eyeshadow

Next shadow is called Limit and is the second matte shade out of 4 in the pallet all the matte shades are amazing in this pallet and thats my only downfall with it that it doesn't have more mattes.  It is a very pale pink colour that acts as a great highlighter colour on the lid.
Urban Decay 3 Limit eyeshadow

Buzz is one of my favourites its a warm taupe pink shimmery shade that is simply beautiful when applied to the lid.  I used this colour on my inner crease to create an amazing rose coloured smokey eye.
Urban Decay 3 Buzz eyeshadow

Trick is next and is the only copper based shadow in the pallet.  Its highly pigmented as is most the eyeshadows in this pallet.  The only thing I found with this colour is that it needed a few applications for the shadow to be smooth on the lid as I found it slightly flaky when applying.
Urban Decay 3 Trick eyeshadow

Nooner which is probably my favourite eyeshadow is next.  It is the second last matte shadow to appear in the pallet but my god it is a treat.  For anyone who is make-up obsessed this colour could be used in any sort or smokey eye look even with greens, blacks, purples, browns and obviously pinky-rose shades too.  It is definitely in my opinion the most limitless shadow they have as you could use it over and over again in tonnes of different looks.
Urban Decay 3 Nooner eyeshadow

As were moving on upwards in the pallet the colours are now becoming more neutral and brown based.  The next is a shimmery based shadow and is almost like the colour nooner but just with added shimmer.  The shadow is called Liar and is great for adding some smokey texture to a smokey eye when applied in a v shape at the outer corner of the eye into the crease. The next two shadows are Factory and Mugshot.  Again these are just neutral browns not to heavy when applied but can be built up to be strong colours on the lid.
Urban Decay 3 Liar eyeshadow

 Urban Decay 3 Factory eyeshadow

Urban Decay 3 Mugshot eyeshadow

Next two shades are Darkside and Blackheart.  Anyone who is a fan of a dark shadowed eye like me will simply be obsessed with these two.  They are so pigmented and just add perfect smokiness to any eye.  Since using this pallet again I have not been able to stop playing around with these two colours.  As it is coming into spring and the shades for the eyes are becoming more neutral I am getting in as many dark shadows as I can before its too late.

 Urban Decay 3 Darkside eyeshadow

Urban Decay 3 Blackheart eyeshadow

Overall I would give this pallet a 10/10 I was not disappointed at all I was actually pleasantly surprised as I wasn't too sure on the colour scheme but now I'm obsessed.  It being a strong pinky/rose based pallet I was skeptical as too how wearable the shadows would be but I am now convinced that this pallet would be great on all skin tonnes and compliment all eye colours alike.

Here are some looks I created using this pallet...

Colours I used for this look were Strange, Dust, Buzz, Nooner and Darkside.

Hope you enjoyed this review.  The Urban Decay 3 pallet can be bought at any Urban Decay stand or can be purchased online on their website or online on Debenhams.  I will leave links down below for both.

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