4 Month Pregnancy Update!

Hey Everyone,

I am 16 weeks pregnant since this Tuesday and thought I would do a pregnancy update for you guys. I thought it would be nice to do a monthly update to keep track of this pregnancy as I didn't really record the last.  I only took pictures of my growing bump I didn't record the monthly changes to myself and how I was feeling etc.
Speaking of growing bumps I finally have one!  Yay!  It makes me so happy to be able to look down and feel my little bump.  Everyone morning I wake I give it a little rub and lately just like the midwife said, I have been feeling little flutters and pokes from my little angel.  It is possible to feel movement quite early on your second pregnancy and I have been lucky enough to be feeling a lot.  Only when I'm very relaxed like when I wake up in the morning or I'm chilling on the chair.  In fact as I'm laying here writing this I can feel the little bubba move around. :)

I haven't really gained much weight yet its been fluctuating by a couple of pounds each week as I have been feeling very bloated and full all the time even when I haven't eaten.  Which is a pain because I know how important it is to be eating regularly especially when your pregnant so that's the only part I'm really struggling with is eating even though I'm not hungry.  I am getting a lot of headaches too which unfortunately they sometimes turn into migraines.  I had this when I was pregnant with Cailan too.  I never had morning sickness at all just got headaches and the same is happening now.  
I wonder is that a hint for what I'm having next? Hmm...  I can't help but wonder.  I keep finding myself casually strolling into the baby sections and looking in total admiration at the little outfits they have coming in for the summer.  I'm standing their by myself matching little headbands and leggings to dresses and tops or little shorts and t-shirts for a boy!  Anybody else do this?  I really can't wait to find out either way I will be happy once my little baby is healthy and safe that's all that matters to me! I heard it is possible to find out what your having this early at 4 months but were going to wait for our next scan in the hospital which is in just over 4 weeks time. Eeeeek!!!
The fatigue which I have mentioned in earlier posts is still here too although it is not happening as frequent so hopefully that is a sign its going away.  (Please god) I hate that I don't have as much energy as I used to especially for Cailans sake.  He is being such a good boy too if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a little video of Cai rubbing my belly.  Hes so sweet when I'm not feeling well or get struck down with a sudden fatigue attack (haha that's what I've been calling them cause there just so sudden and horrible) he sits right down beside me and rubs my belly or gives me a kiss and a squeeze.  He is so loving and gentle it just melts my heart.  Myself and Lee do try and talk to him as often as we can about the baby in my belly and how he is going to be a big brother and all the different things hes going to be able to do with a little brother or sister but I just don't think he gets it yet!

Cravings I didn't get them on my last and there is no sign of any strange cravings this time around either!  I love hearing about peoples weird cravings like chewing on coal or pickles and cream, gross I know but I always wondered what kind of cravings I would get?  We've all heard the crazy weird craving story's where the heck is mine???

This month has been the first month I've really felt pregnant from my belly popping to actually feeling he/she move around.  According to the Babycentre app I'm using on my phone to give me weekly updates of how my baby is progressing, it weighs the same as a small turnip!  How cute... my little turnip!

Anyways that's it for my first pregnancy update it's been an exciting one and I'm sure the next one will hopfully be the same!  The gender reveal of our little turnip... hmmm that might just stick! Haha.

Until next time,

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  1. Aww congrats! I'm due with my second August 9th :). We found out what we're having last week (at 16+3) so can't wait to shop now haha

    Emily - emilyandindiana.com xx

    1. Awwh goway? My orginal date was August 10th got set back couple os days but you can never tell with babys when there going to come :) haha Oh really what are yee having? Congratulations by the way I know exactly how exciting it is :) xx


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