How I contour my face :)

Hey Chicks :)

I have been asked to do a post like this for a while now so I finally decided to do it and it is how I contour my face.  I have recently posted a picture on my Facebook page giving some tips but as many of you had a lot of questions I decided to do a full post on it :)

So firstly the most important thing you need to know before starting your contouring is what shape face you have here is a little guide to help you understand your face shape as well as where you should be putting the contour on your type of face.
Image result for face shapes for contouring
The Pink is contour and the purple is where you apply the highlight.

Once you have established what shape your face is you are ready to begin now don't worry if you are having trouble figuring out which shape you are because I have a few tips for contouring that will suit all face types.  Here is how I apply mine!

For my base I primed my skin with Rimmels Fix and Perfect Pro Primer.  Using primer will not only seal your pores but it will soften your skin allowing for much easier make-up application which is exactly what you want when your contouring with creams rather then powder because you want everything to be able to blend together easily.  Before you begin the contour I do recommend you use a concealer beforehand to cover up any blemishes you may have in my case I applied it under my eyes and the sides of my nose.  I then used my Crown Brush Foundation palette to apply my highlight and contour in the colours below...
If you don't have this palette don't worry any foundation or concealer palette will do the same thing. Again don't be stressing over what colours to use just pick a really light shade for your highlight and a dark contrasting colour for your contour.  Apply the highlight colour first so anywhere where the light hits your face naturally. For the contour I applied it across the top of my forehead to give the appearance of a smaller one.  I also applied it down the edges of my nose and brought it right up to meet my eyebrows.  Also my cheekbones and then down my temples to meet the start of the contour on my cheekbones.  If  like I said above you are having trouble figuring out where you should be putting your contour just follow the natural lines on your face, like on your cheek bones, down the sides for your nose etc.  You will soon figure out what suits you so just play around with it for a while until you reach a look you are happy with.  You don't have to be precis with your lines as the next step is too blend! :)
It is important to have the right blending tools!  I use a beauty blender sponge and my real techniques sculpting brush to help me achieve the perfect blend.  
miracle complexion spongesculpting brush
Here are pictures of the process of how my blending turned out.


I then applied powder to set my contour,  Now it is very important not to just go over all your face with any powder it will ruin all your hard work so use a translucent to set the highlight and a bronzer to set your contour :)  I used my blank canvas cosmetics powder palette,  Which I have to say I am loving!  By the way, I will also have links to all products I used down below to save you the hassle of finding them :) 

These are the colours I used from the palette to set the complete look.  
Here is what it looked like...


And basically that is it! 
 They are the basics for doing your contour :)  I then completed the look with a midnight blue smokey eye and red lip.


Thanks for reading my post and if you have any questions please ask away you will find me on any of the links below or just leave a comment in the box :)


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