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Hey my luvs,

Hope the week has been kind to you and if not don't worry I'm here to help with some of my favourite online websites for you to buy from.  If you enjoy a serious bargain like me then this post will be right up your alley. 

I'm going to start off with one for all the family which is sports direct.  Now for anyone who has shopped from here before I can nearly guarantee that you went back and ordered from there again and again... Am I right?  I love shopping from sports direct for Cailan they have such amazing kids clothes and and footwear and they are not all sports wear either I an amazing pair of Jake and The Never Land Pirate high tops for Cai for just £11.00 on it.  I don't think they have them in stock anymore but they have loads more to choose from.  In town the same shoes would easily cost me £20/£25!  They do all sorts of character clothes from tops, pants, shoes, dresses and all for very discounted prices.  I love stocking up on bits and pieces even for myself if you haven't shopped there you may be surprised to know they also sell ladies handbags, scarfs, belts, boots, shoes, even jewellery that start off for as little as £1.20 now if that's not a bargain what is?

My next bargain site is a hit and miss! Everything 5 pound does exactly what it says on the tin.  Everything that is on the site costs only £5.00 which when you exchange it over to euros works out as £6.29.  Now a little heads up as I said it can be hit and miss and sometimes you have to route to find some gems I just went on myself to have a look and I mainly search through the footwear, bags and accessories but there are loads of other categories such as childrens wear which has been recently added, tops. dressed, skirts and shorts. While on it I found these gems...

Like how gorgeous are them boots? I know were coming out of boot season but for that price you could stock up for next year! :)  And those amazing bags the backpack is perfect for daytrips or college, the aztec cross the shoulder bag can be worn right through from winter to summer and my personal favorite is the 2-in-1 tote bag perfect for weekends away, shopping trips or used to store make-up who doesn't love a multi-use bag! :)

My next bargain site is MUA Cosmetics I have done a post about this site already when I done a big haul which I am still loving and using their products by the way :) so I'm not going to go into too much detail but if your a beginner at make-up, a make-up lover or a make-up artist looking to fill your kit with some affordable make-up I definitely recommend you check it out.  If you sign up to their newsletter they give you a 20% discount code to use off your next purchase so I recommend you sign up to the newsletter first and enjoy.  My personal favourites are...
The Undress Your skin highlighter is amazing and only costs £3.00,  the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers are just the bomb! There easy so easy to use, they dry matte and they come in 10 fabulous colours to suit all skin tonnes.  The Elysium Palette is my favourite shadow palette from Mua at the moment it also comes with a highlighter and eyeliner pencil this only costs £6.00 and there's a 25% off all palettes online deal running at the moment.  MUA Cosmetics are always running different deals so be sure to keep your eye out.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope you all have an amazing weekend :)  Let me know if any of you have any other great websites to shop!

Until next time,

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  1. Hey Lisa!!
    I absolutely love your page, and omg you are super stunning!!
    and thanks for your post I only knew about everything 5 pounds and ur right the boots and handbags are Amazing just the payment for postage that sucks but ill check the mua and sports direct.. thanks for the info.. who doesn't love a bargain :)

  2. Hi Cyndy :) Thank you so much for your kinds words they mean so much. I have been working really hard on my blog and I get so happy when I hear that people are enjoying it :) Yeah your right the postage is a bit rough but next time you should see if any of your friends or family want to order from there and they yee could split the postage! Thats what I done with my mam the last time so it just worked out what you would normally pay so wanst too bad! Theres a little tip for you now next time your ordering :D And defo try out the other sites especially the clearance section on sports direct you can get some serious bargains there! :)

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