My Haul from The Irish Beauty Show 2015

Hey Everyone,

So many of you asked for me to do a post on what exactly I got up there so here it is as requested :)
I have to say firstly I had such an amazing time up there.  So many Irish and Uk brands to choose from in every aspect of hair and beauty you could think of.  As advised I got in early and got out early.  As you know I'm pregnant on baby number 2 and I'm actually 18 weeks today so officially over the half way mark now! Yayy, but I did start to struggle with the crowds and heat after being there for a couple of hours people were just flooding in and the stalls became more packed with people trying to squeeze in so I knew it was time to leave not a great place to be when you preggers but in saying that I got everything I was looking for and more... so was happy to leave at that point anyways.  Myself and Shauna got the bus into town got some grub and headed to Penneys as you do when your in Dublin right? Haha There I just bought more make-up mostly lip liners and lipsticks so with this in mind I might as well start the haul.  Here we go....

I'll start off with the brushes I got from Laurelle Professional.  They are 100% animal hair and cost only 40.00 for a full set of 24 brushes.  I got chatting to the lovely lady at the counter and she told me these kits are perfect for anyone who is training to become a make-up artist and building their kit.  They had a cheaper option of 30.00 which was synthetic hair and would of been perfect for anyone starting out with brushes and planning to use them on themselves.

Pallets, pallets and more pallets...
I went up with all kinds of make-up pallets in mind from concealer, eye shadow to foundation.  Unfortunately I didn't pick up any eye shadow pallets apart from one I got at the Fuschia counter which I will talk about a bit later.
So the first pallet I picked up was from AYU Make-up Dublin.  There stuff was so affordable and would really suit all budgets.  I picked up the concealer pallet which has every colour concealer you could ever possibly need as a make-up artist and perfect shades for contouring also.  This nifty little pallet only cost 12.50 and can be purchased online so if you didn't get a chance to buy don't worry I will leave links to all websites down below for your to have a browse ;)

Next are prob two of my favorite buys my Crown Brush pallets.  I got a foundation one which was 20.00 and a blusher pallet for 18.00 although these prices were slightly discounted for the show there still very reasonable and definitely worth a try for sure! The foundation pallet I swatched at the show and I could not get over at just how full coveraged they were and as for the blusher pallet it has every colour blush to suit all skins types not matter what time of the year it is.

My last pallet is from Blank Canvas cosmetics and is a powdered contour pallet and only cost me 15.00.   How amazing does it look?  I am still learning to contour and now with all the proper pallets and brushes I'm well on my way to becoming the master of contouring.

Next I went to the Fuschia stand and it's my first time ever at a Fuschia make-up stand so I was very excited.  Almost everything was heavily discounted because it was the last day of the show so I got some pretty sweet bargains and I'm kind of cracking I didn't get more when I was there because when I went to go back the stand was swamped.  I got a candy eye shadow pallet which has some amazing colours in it I'm especially in love with the blue tones, it has 7 shadows altogether and it only cost a 5.00 serious bargain.  I also got gel liner for 2.00 and an angled liner brush for 3.00.

Next I went to the Babydoll Cosmetics stand where they had a great deal on the double packs of lashes, 3 packs for 10.00.

The Bourjois stand also were doing some super crazy deals any 3 products for 5.00 or any 5 for 10.00.  Only catch was that you could only buy one foundation per transaction which was understandable considering they had Revlon Colour Stay foundations and Revlon Nearly Naked foundation which I got both.  I also got a coral lipstick from Revlon and a Revlon lipstain in coral too.  Other items I got included an eyelash applicator and tweezers, 2 Revlon Photo Ready concealers and a Revlon Photo Ready double ended Kajal eye pencil.

Last thing I got at the show was the Aurora Band night time roller which I am given one away in a competition over on my Facebook so head over and enter if you haven't done so already. :)

That is everything I got at the show.  So onto my picks I got at Penney's.  I went to the Penney's on O' Connell Street and in there they had a Wet 'n' Wild stand, Essence and Catrice.  I got something from all including some of Penney's own brand stuff.

List of what I got:
Wet 'n' Wild Lipstick in the colour Cherry Bomb
Wet 'n' Wild Lipstick in the colour Sugar Plum Fairy
Wet 'n' Wild lip liner in the shade Fab Fuchsia
Wet 'n' Wild lip liner in the shade White/Blanc
Wet 'n' Wild lip liner in the shade Plumberry
Essence lipstick in the colour Come Natural 03
Essence lipstick in the colour Adorable Matt 14
Essence lip liner in the shade Red Blush
P.S Love in the number 04
P.S Love eye liner and sharpener 2 pack in black

As you can tell I literally shopped till I dropped my hands were ready to fall off, my feet were about to give in and my bank account was seeing 0's but I was one very happy girl
I hope you enjoyed this post and as always if you have any questions you'll find me on any of the following.

Until next time,

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