6 Month Pregnancy Update!!

Hey Everyone :)

I can't believe I'm sitting here writing my 6 month pregnancy update already!  This pregnancy is going so much faster then my last one!  Then again I do have a crazy toddler to keep me busy every single day this time around, haha.
This month has been a bit of a struggle for me I have been to the doctors and even had to take a trip to the labour ward! First and for most I just want to let yee know that baby is perfectly fine! Its all momma!  I have been suffering a lot the past few weeks with different things so wanted to get them all checked out.

I mentioned briefly in my last update about the palpitations I've been getting, well there only getting worse and more frequent!  I could be sitting down chilling on the sofa and they could come on me just like that.  I get shortness of breathe, my heart races, sometimes the room spins and I could get dizzy.  My doctor told me that the baby is completely unaware of whats happening when I'm getting them.  Which made me very relieved just to know that he was okay and nothing was wrong with him.  Its just something I have to put up with and suffer through with the remainder of the pregnancy.  I have been getting used to them and since getting checked out by my doctor my anxiety has calmed down a lot.  I was worrying about the palpitations and other little things that I didn't even know was bothering me until I went to the doctors and just broke down with all my worry's.  Since going and getting checked out I have such a clear mind about it all.  A lot of my anxiety was due to the fact I was worrying about all these things in the first place!
 If any of you have anything that is worrying you at all, my advice would be go talk to someone or see a doctor.  Don't let it get on top of you!

Anyways besides that I have been getting quite a lot of muscle pain just under my bump.  Standing up from when I have been sitting or when I go up and down the stairs is almost unbearable,  I have also been feeling a lot of pressure of late too.  So I just rang my midwife who told me to come to the labour ward to get everything checked out because I was almost 6 months they wanted to make sure myself and baby were okay and try and figure out whats causing the pain!  They checked on baby with a scan and we watched him wiggle around completely oblivious to whats going on.  It was so reassuring seeing him on the little black and white screen.  My heart melts every time I see his little silhouette squirm backwards and forwards in my tummy!  I was started on antibiotics straight away incase of any infection that may be causing the pain.  I am however still getting the pain so I am waiting to head back out there to figure out what is going on.

Besides all of that I am really enjoying this pregnancy as I have said above it is flying so I am just trying to cherish every little moment.
My bump has just grown overnight too.  I am getting a lot more people saying 'oh your finally starting to show'.  Up to now people were like 'you still look the same or you don't even look pregnant'!  Way to make a pregnant girl feel paranoid ehh? Haha.

I have been feeling so much movement from the baby this pregnancy also.   As I sit here writing I can feel him karate kick me away!  As well as the mornings he is also very active at night.  I have even felt him move around when I'm just walking about during the day which I don't remember ever feeling Cailan move around when I was this early in my last pregnancy.  My midwife did tell me that I would feel a lot more movement this time around because it was my second pregnancy but I have just been blown away by it.

I am still as emotional as ever.  I cry at almost everything.  I made Lee laugh so hard the other day as I was just watching a video on Facebook about a women who is on her 7th pregnancy and all of her children were boys! Some of you may have seen it but she was doing a gender reveal through a cake which she herself didn't know what the sex was.  Herself and her husband cut into the cake anyways and it was pink inside.  She just jumped with pure happiness!  I however was a basket case of emotion, completely inconsolable. Haha.

Overall the past few weeks have been a bit crazy but I don't want to sit back and let it all defeat me.  I just want to enjoy it all.  The ups and downs, the pains and aches the laughs and tears, it is what being pregnant is all about. I am just trying to relish it all and take nothing for granted!  At the end of the day I have been blessed with another little baby boy that I love so unconditionally already!  Finishing out this pregnancy and getting him into the world safely and full of health is one of the only things that matter right now!

 Cailan is interacting a lot more with bump now that its much more visible! Haha.  He likes to cuddle and kiss the bump and he also gives the bump the most gentlest tiggles in the world.  It just makes me so happy and a bit emotional to see him act like that.  I know he is going to be such an amazing big brother.  Someone that the new little baby can look up to and be proud of just as much as me and Lee are of him now.  Hes turning into such an amazing little boy.  Everyday he blesses us with memories myself and Lee will cherish forever.  I am so grateful to be a mom and there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank god for any of the people that are in my life.

So that is pretty much it your right up to date!  Crazy few weeks I know right?
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Until next time,

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