March 2015 Favourites :)

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Hope you've all had a great weekend!  Mine wasn't too hectic after the unforgettable week we had last week.  If you missed my post and haven't yet red how crazy it was click here to catch up! 
I am back however this week and I have another favourites post for you!  I had a great response with my last favourites post so decided to keep them up for every month :)  There is a lot of things I've been loving this month but I managed to narrow it down too my top5 again here is what I chose...

My Crown Brush Foundation Palette
I am in love with this palette! OMG there are just not enough words to describe how amazing this palette is!  It contains 6 different concealers/foundations all which a cream based and offer full opaque coverage on the skin.  I do find the product works best when its heated up slightly.  If you have ever used concealer or foundation palettes before you will probably understand the dilemma of the product not coming out as well as you hoped this could be because of the fact its sitting in a palette.  I find rubbing the products with or brush or even just your finger (which I find actually works best) for a couple of seconds to loosing it up should do the trick!  I use this palette mainly when I'm contouring or if I have that odd pesky spot or blemish I want rid of for the day!  It is only €28.99 which is a bargain considering the length of time you will get out of the product and also it is a very high quality palette so it is definitely worth the little splurge!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

This is my go to everyday foundation at the moment! It is light and airy for those days you want a natural look but can be built up to be full coverage and girls it will not brake the bank as it comes in at €8.99!  If you haven't tried it out yet I would definitely recommend it especially coming into the spring/summer months as that is when our foundations tend to become more natural anyways.  As I said it is my go to foundation and many of you have been asking me what foundation I use so here it is!  It has many shaded to chose from so you will be sure to find a match for your skin.  I buy mine in the shade Ivory.  You will find this foundation in Boots or any Pharmacys that stock Rimmel!

 Gel Liner

Ever find that product you absolutely love,  use it until its gone, and completely forget to repurchase it? While mine is gel liner.  I used to be obsessed with gel liner and I have no reason why I stopped using it only I just never bought more.  However, when I was up at the Irish Beauty Show I was at the Fuschia stand and they had alot of bargain baskets and in one I spotted there gel liner for only €2.00.  I almost had to do a double take as these liners usually retail at €18.75!  Looking back now I have no idea why I did not grab a handful of these!!! Instead I just got one as I was in a hurry and kind of just bought it at impulse but it has been a staple in my make-up bag ever since!  I just find it easier to line the eyes with and create beautiful feline flicks.  This particular liner can also be used on the waterline.  There are many cheaper alternatives of gel liner, if your just starting out Essence, Catrice, Nyc and Nyx all do gel liners for only a few euro so pick yourself up one and have a little play around with it.


Anyone else use this app?  I love it! I use it too look up almost everything from recipes to new activities I can do with Cailan.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with Pinterest it is a website which also has an app that the user can upload, save, sort and search images, which are known on the app as pins, which you can sort into different pinboards.  Which are basically just named photo albums.  You can also have hidden pinboards which are albums that are completely private to you can save whatever photos you like in them.  I have 2 hidden boards which I mainly save motivational and inspiring quotes along with other bits and pieces.  I have been using this app for over a year now and its like my bible.  I mainly search, recipes, toddler activities, make-up ideas, interior design ideas, quotes etc.  The lists are endless.  It definitely a must have app for any phone.  

One Born Every Minute

Okay so this became a real obsession for me during my last pregnancy I used it as a guide almost.  I went to no classes or anything when I was pregnant just watched one born and thought I knew exactly how my labour was going to go.  Unfortunately mine wasn't like most I had seen on the tele, it was long, complicated and ended in an emergency c-section!  I know it was quite naive of me looking back now to think I could just go in and have the baby as easy as that but now because of the experiences I've had I'm a lot wiser and know child birth even though its the most magical experience anyone could have it is no joke!  In spite of all this I have retracted to my old ways and found myself watching one born marathons on youtube and channel 4od! I'm once again addicted!  For anyone why hasn't seen this yet even if your not pregnant it is definitely a show I would recommend.  It follows all different kinds of couples and shares their stories and their labour!  It can be a little graphic so if your any way squirmesh this program may not be for you! Haha.

 Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I have been loving this month.  I would love to hear what things you have been loving this month so pop a comment down below or else write to me on any of the links below. :)

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