Should you be buying your beauty products in the baby aisle?

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So since becoming a Mommy I've been noticing that a lot of products I've been using on Cailan over the past two years have been doubling as beauty must haves for me.  Yes you read that right baby products that are not only mommy friendly but are also budget friendly too.  
Fortunately being a busy mom on a budget has meant, I've made do with what I got because after food shopping, bills, Cailan's necessities and everything else it doesn't really leave much spare change to splurge out on beauty products for me every single week.
So whether your a mommy or not you could save yourself a small fortune by switching too some of these beauty products in disguise!  
Here are my top picks...

Baby wipes
I'm guilty myself of being lazy and using face wipes to take my make-up off with.  Lets face it girls we all do it from time to time.  One evening I was lying in the sofa and instead of making the trip upstairs to get my facewipes which seemed like a climb of Mount Everest away I reached over to Cai's changing bag and took out his wipes.  I have not looked back since I used Aldi's Mamia Sensitive wipes which are only 98c! They have won all kinds of awards for there wipes including best baby wipes for infants in 2014.  Seriously people they are amazing and so gentle on the skin so there perfect perfect for use on baby and you. 

€0.98                                                €5.19
Saving yourself a massive €4.21

Johnson's Baby oil gel.
This product is a little beauty gem and it has been sitting pride of place in the bath for months now.  It  can lock in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin then any ordinary lotion can on dry. So not only is it extremely moisturing on babys skin but also on yours too.  Why splash out on all these over priced moisturisers when you could have one for just €1.49.  Which you can get at any of your local deals stores.  
But that's not all this little beauty has to offer you!  It is also the best thing I have ever used to shave my legs with EVER!!! I'm not joking the hair does not grow back for at least 1.5/2 weeks!  If you shave your legs instead of wax you will know the pain of them bristly legs after just 2/3 days after shaving!  Well no more stubble girls... for at least a week! Woohooo! 

                                   €1.49                                           €41.62                        
An insane savings of €44.42

This is a staple in every changing across the country. I have never been without a jar of it.  It is great for when you want to pluck those unwanted hairs from the brows just add a dab of Vaseline to them and pluck away it should be pain free! Believe it or not girls its also great for helping to remove  fake eyelashes.  Just add a little to the lashes and pull gentle they should come off like a breeze!  Also some people swear by adding some Vaseline to the lashes before bed it can help strengthen them and also help them grow!

Johnson's Baby Powder
Now I know this one has saved my life on more then one occasion!  If your a mom you will know that having 3 day sometimes maybe even 4 day old hair will happen! So dry shampoo will become your best friend and if you haven't ever thought to use it before! Your welcome... but wait!! Before you run out to the store like a lunatic and stack up on some dry shampoo just use some of that talc you have lying around... it does work better in lighter hair as its easier to to fade in but I'm tell you greasy routes will no longer be the bane of your life anymore!  Hallelujah!!


€3.99                                                      €1.49
That's another great saving of €2.50!

So to answer my question should you buy your beauty products in the baby aisle I think hell yeah!  Of course your not going to be able to get everything here but honestly all the above products work and I really swear by them!  Go on take the challenge next time your on a beauty run take a trip down the baby aisle and let me know what you come up with!

Do you have any favourite baby products that also double as beauty products?  If so, what are they?

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  1. The Baby Oil gel is fantastic in Summer over a tan, gives a beautiful sheen!

  2. I am horrible because I use baby wipes to clean everything. Wipe the kitchen counters, stains on clothes or furnature, bathroom mirror and when dusting. The only rule is never pay more than a £. If Boots does not have them less than £ then go next door to Poundland. I have lots of baby products that I don't want to use on my children's skin but I am inspired to start using them myself. Cheers!


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