Caibears first feature post review...Oisin The Brave!

Hey my loves,

So here it is Cailan's very first post that he will be featuring in :)  I am so excited to do these posts like I can't even tell you so we are just going to jump straight in!

Oisin the Brave, Robot Island!
By Derek Mulveen
Michelle Melville

I love reading this book with my mammy.  I especially like helping her turn to the pages where Orane the Dragon appears.  He is my favourite character in the whole book.  I can do a great impression of him too!

I love sitting reading about Oisins big adventure and asking mammy what everything in all the pictures are.  I am learning new words all time from the book even some Irish words too!

I really like this book because I love how funny all the different creatures are in the book and how funny my mammy makes them sound.  I really laugh a lot at them and this makes my mammy laugh too!

This book is definitely my favourite because I ask for this story almost every night before I go to bed, every nap time or just any time I spot the book!  I never get tired of it! 

I would give this book a 5/5!

 - Cailan :)

((Cailan reading the book to me! Just before his nap. Haha He's gas!))

I personally love this book myself!  It follows the adventures of Oisin, Princess Eire and Orane the dragon through the magical Irish land of Tir na N'og.  Throughout the book you meet lots of different funny characters and the book is beautifully illustrated!
The book is amazingly written, its captivates and holds Cailans attention.  He loves hearing about whats coming next even though he can tell you the story himself at this stage! Haha.  I love how traditionally Irish the book is, how all the characters have Irish names and they travel through Irish mythical lands! 

The story is basically about Oisin and Orane who set out on a mission to save a little robot who has washed up on shore.  They are taking through the Dolmen of time which see's these guys go on a pretty amazing quest across sea's, lands and mysterious caves.  Without giving too much away about the book its definitely a must read!  Cailan adores it!  The book also features an Irish vocab section at the back of the book.  All the vocab is related to the book so you have a treasure map, you can learn to count to 20 with magic coins, you can even learn colours, shapes and expressions! This is an amazing feature section to help your child learn some new Irish words, aswell as English!  
The book would suit any age of reader whether your a parent reading to kids or if you have a child who enjoys reading I would definitely recommend this as a present, gift or treat :)
  I personally would give this book a thumbs up but lets be honest it Cai's opinion that really matters and he thinks it is a winner!

The book is sold in all good bookstores and if its not in your local bookstore don't worry you can buy a copy straight off the website!
If you want to buy Oisin the Brave, Robot Island heres a link...

Also you will find Eire Kid's on...

Hope you enjoyed our very first collab post!

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Lisa & Cailan.

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**This book was sent to me, all the thoughts and opinions expressed are Cailans and my owns.**


  1. Very fun to get his opinion. Sounds like a interesting book. Never thought about teaching my daughter some "Irish" but would be new experience for both of us. Keep sharing!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and my apologies with the late reply! Cailan absolutely loves this book and I actually have a competition coming up to win a copy of it and a few other bits so stay tuned for that! ☺️


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