Crown Brush Foundation/Concealer Palette REVIEW!!!!

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Happy May Bank holiday Monday everyone! I'm sure there are many sore heads today so here is some light reading and a possible new purchase for you all :D
 Apologies for the lack in posts last week!  As ever its been a crazy one but I have some great posts coming up this week including my April favourites and Cailans first blog post to name a few, exciting things to come and it is also my birthday tomorrow!! Yay! :) So I might do a what I got for my birthday post too.  We shall wait and see!

Anyways I wanted to do a review of this palette because I really believe every girl should have one!  I bought my Crown Brush palette at the Irish Beauty Show a few months back.  Now at first I was like will I get it or not?  Because I was unsure if I would ever use it!  They had a palette laid out so I tested it and when I applied it too my hand firstly I could not get over the coverage it gave out and secondly the texture it was so creamy and very easy to blend!  I was sold! Haha I picked one up and even though I picked up a good few bits this was definitely the one I was most excited to get home and play around with.   
And ever since that faithful day I find myself reaching for it every morning! 

Heres a quick product description and my thoughts on the palette!
The palette itself contains 6 large cream concealers 2 of which are colour corrector's for the skin. **(If you are unaware how the colour corrector's work and why you would use them don't worry I have a post coming soon about them so keep an eye out)**  This palette allows you to combine the different shades to create the perfect colour for your skin tone too.  The cream concealers offer a full coverage whether your using it as an all over foundation or a concealer to hide dark circles, blemishes or any imperfections on the skin.  The palette is a plain matte black and it comes with a mirror inside.  Which in my opinion is a little useless and unnecessary but that's just be being fussy because I honestly can not fault the palette in anyway shape or form!

I use the palette daily for concealing and contouring!  I have yet to use it as an all over foundation.  I fins myself reaching for it every morning and lately I haven't been using any other concealer but the palette.  It honestly covers everything!  Especially on those days where I feel like absolute crap and my skin looks tired and worn out a little bit of contouring here and there and I feel like a new women!  Once the concealers are set they don't budge and will last all day so no need for touch ups yayyy!
Here is a quick step by step contouring guide if you want to check out my full post on how to contour your face CLICK HERE !!

This palette costs €28.84 and is the perfect little investment for any makeup enthusiastic or makeup artist alike!  Honestly I've had mine almost 3 months now and I've hardly put a dent in any of the concealers.
I would rate the palette a 10/10 simply because of the quality and longevity of the product!

If you want to check it out on The Crown Brush website or purchase this product click the link below!
Crown Brush Foundation/Concealer Palette

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  1. I always forget that Crown do the foundation/concealers. I must check out the website.

    1. Hey hun its definitely worth checking out! The palette itself is fab i will def be repurchasing 😃


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