Here is my simple guide to colour correcting makeup!!! :)

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I thought I would write this post for you all as some of you have been asking me what exactly this colour correcting business is all about.  So I decided to write up this little simple guide for you to follow.  Before airbrushing existed professional makeup artists used colour correcting concealers, bases and powders to create the perfect canvas on the face.  Highly pigmented concealers will camouflage uneven skin tones in an instant!  Colour correcting could be your best friend the trick is to simply understand how different colours of the rainbow can cancel each other out. 
So here is my simple guide:

GREEN : Using a green concealer is perfect for cancelling out any red areas to the skin such as a spot, red blood vessels or any other blemish you may have.  For example if you have a natural rosy tint to your face using a green based primer before you apply your foundation will help to neutralise your skin  and help restore the balance of colour on your face.

PINK : While there are many different reasons and contributing factors to why some people have dark under eye circles, they are a pain and I know this because I have them! :(  But not to worry if done correctly you will never be able to tell if you have them or not.  A peachy-pink tone is perfect for brightening and covering the eye area.  The pink corrector works best on paler skin tones.  Firstly apply your base concealer, this is just any concealer you would normally use preferably 2 tones lighter then your natural skin tone.  Remember we're trying to brighten the area!  Then apply your pink corrector directly over the dark circles to eliminate them completely.  Doing this will reflect light just like a highlighter would :)

LILAC : The lilac corrector is perfect for eliminating any yellow tones or shadows on the skin.  Again just like the green f your skin is more yellow toned using a lilac concealer before you apply your foundation will neutralise your skin and giving you the perfect base for when you apply your foundation.  In the winter your skin unfortunately loses that sun kissed glow and your face can appear sallow and quite dull.  Just like you would use your bronzer you should apply the lilac to your cheekbones, nose and chin.

YELLOW : The yellow corrector works just like the pink corrector does but this time it works best on olive or tan skin tones.  Its does the same job for them unwanted under eye circles, and dark areas of the skin.

QUICK TIP: When picking the right corrector for you it is important to consider more then just the right colour!  Choosing the right shade of colour is also key!  For example: If you have darker skin pastels are not your friend!  These shades are white based and will not do your skin tone any favours.  Try using more deeper greens and pinks etc.  If you fall into that paler skin category like myself pastels are your best friend! 

Colour correcting concealers, powders and primers are all meant to be used before application of your normal concealer and foundation.  You should always use a sheer concealer when applying over a colour corrector so it won't become to cakey and thick on your face.  

Now that you know the basics to what colour corrector's are and why you use them its the perfect time to put your knowledge to the test.  Study your face and find out what areas you need to correct.  Believe me once you start doing it you will not be able to stop, you will find a very noticeable difference when you are finished applying your makeup! Go on give it a go!

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