My Prairie Charms Mystery Goody Bag!!

Good Evening luvs,

So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will have seen the lovely little mystery goody bag I got from Prairie Charms at the beginning of the week.  I was so excited when it finally came, I could of shook the post mans hand!  Haha. Who doesn't love waking up to packages from the postman especially on a Monday morning!  It was a great start to the day :)

Prairie Charms is a handmade accessories boutique specialising in all things girly, floral, quirky and whimsical.  They are constantly adding new and unique pieces to their range so be sure to keep checking back on their website.  As they are an English based company 10% of all profits they make are donated to The Great Ormonde Street Children's Hospital Charity and ''The Kiss It Better Campaign'', which provides funding to pioneering world class treatments for complex conditions including paedatric cancers.
Be sure to check out their blog, facebook, twitter and instagram as they are constantly running competitions to win some beautiful bespoke pieces, aswell as features, discount codes, giveaways and collaborations.  I will leave all their links below.

So moving onto the goody bag itself, it came beautifully packaged like so.... <3 <3 <3
 I honestly don't know how I even managed to get a picture of it before I tore it open like a savage! Hahaa But I did and how pretty is it?
When I opened it some stuff were packaged separately in even cuter little paper bags! 
No like seriously how cute and girly does everything look already!  As it was a mystery goody bag I had no idea what sort of products, designs and colours I would be sent but believe me I was so happy with everything I got :)

The bag contained the following bits and bobs...
First up is Washi Tape! Now if your into DIY or crafts at all you will be very familiar with this tape.  They come in all colours, designs and lengths.  The one I got was burnt orange and has a beautiful aztec design too it.  I was so thrilled to see this in the bag as I have a craft post planned soon in which I needed colourful washi tape so now I have it! Brilliant :D

 Next up is this gorgeous blue stoned gold necklace.  If you are an avid reader of the blog you will know I'm hugely into chokers and necklaces right now I don't know what it is I just feel no outfit is complete without one.  This one is perfect for sprucing up any plain top and adding a bit of glamour to your outfit.  Definitely a hit with me!

Next up is this big bow!  Now I don't wear bows in my hair personally but I think this would be beautiful clipped onto a ballerina bun or messy bun.  Since bows aren't really my thing I might pass this onto one of my friends who will get the wear out of it but I love the floral theme of it nonetheless.

Ahhhh I was so excited to see this scrunchy in the bag.  I love all things 90's and these are no exception! Haha.  I will definitely be using this to add a pop of colour when tying my hair up or doing a bun.  I'll be reliving my childhood days with this little beauty! :) 

Next up is another bespoke bow hair clip.  Its a midnight blue colour and full of sparkles and shine.  At first I wasn't sure if I would wear it like the other hair clip as I just don't really wear any hair accessories but I was playing around with my hair yesterday and decided to add it to the side of my bun and I was so surprised with how it looked it made me feel so girly.   So I will be definitely keeping this one for myself I'll post a picture of how it looks in my hair :)

Last but no least are these colourful designer looking straws.  These are an absolute craze right now and I got 5 in the pack.  These can actually be quite expensive to buy so I was really surprised to see these in the bag.  These are perfect for when I have any friends or family around who don't drink tea!  Hahaa.

Prairie Charms is your one stop shop for all things girly, believe me go check them out they have some absolutely fab pieces on their website.  Also if something caught your eye and isn't maybe in the colour you had hoped, pop them a message they are all for customised pieces to suit you! :)

And thats it, hope you enjoyed this post guys and any questions about any of the pieces I got pop me a message I'd be more then happy to answer...

Until next time,
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