ORGA Skincare, Peat Face and Body Mask Review

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So today I have a little review for you of the ORGA skincare, Peat Face and Body Mask.  Yup you read that right I did say peat!  ORGA Skincare Peat is 100% organic Irish peat this holy grail product is known for its rejuvenating properties.  It claims to re-establish the PH balance in the skin and encourages blood flow to the applied areas.

The miracle peat in a jar can be used in either two ways as a face mask or a daily cleansing wash.  As I've been blessed with quite clear skin I decided to use it as a mask.  I have had this stuff about two weeks and after using it today I can't believe I waited until now to use it.  As it is on the higher end of the price scale to what I would usually pay for any skincare products I wanted to only use it when I felt like my skin needed a pick me up!  Which was today... I haven't been feeling great over the past couple of days and my skin was no exception.  It was feeling very tired, dry and I had lost my glow!  :(

When I opened the jar I was quite surprised about the colour it was a really rich dark brown almost black and it was unlike any product I have ever used or seen before.  I'll admit as a first impression I was kind of put off because I assumed due to the colour and texture of the product it was going to have quite a distinctive smell but to my surprise it was scentless!  The texture felt like a really rich exfoliator with tiny little pieces in it.  As always with any skincare product I apply to my face I read the directions and the little leaflet in the box and gave it a swirl!


As it says on the directions I applied to my t-zone first and worked it out onto the rest of my face avoiding my eye and lip areas.  All I had to do now is leave it on for 15 minutes and spray my face with water so the mask itself did not dry out to much on my face.  I didn't have a little spray bottle so I when I felt the mask get really tight I just dabbed some water around it and it worked fine.
After the time was up I washed it off with luke warm water and I could not believe how smooth and soft my skin was.  It literally felt like a baby's bottom!  My skin had been uplifted and re-rejuvenated within 15 minutes!  Not only did my skin feel great it made me feel somewhat better in myself too I mean healthy glowing skin is the perfect pick me up for any of us girls am I right?  I was left with a little redness as you can see from the photo below but as the leaflet says this is completely normal as the mask does promote a healthy blood flow to come to the surface of the skin. :D

This is how I my skin looked afterwards, as I said it left my skin a little read but it felt amazing!! ((Please excuse the hair and everything else, haha as I said earlier I wasn't feeling great the past few days))

ORGA are in the middle of a fundraising campaign to raise some funds to look into further products and continue their research on what else their amazing products can do.  People who are long time sufferers with skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis have spoken out about their amazing results using the products so a lot can be said already for them.  If you would like to donate or even just read up more about it check out this page here .  Also depending on how much you donate you can grab yourself some pretty sweet ORGA skincare products.

I have been converted to using Peat on my skin.  As I have mentioned it is on the pricier side as far as skincare goes retailing for €59.95, however if you are someone who suffers with really bad skin or any sort of skin condition you may want to look more into these products.  Or if your looking to treat yourself or someone who loves to look after their skin this would be the perfect product!  Believe me they will be thanking you for days! Haha  I am absolutely dreading the day I am scraping the last of it of the sides but I will definitely be investing in this again!  Looking after my skin has become one of my top proprieties,  I never realised before just how important it is to so but that's a whole other post in itself! :D

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