Where is my baby gone?? :O

Hey My Lovelys :)

So last week I went to the open day in the PlaySchool/PreSchool we are hoping to send Cailan to at the beginning of the next school year!  I went in not thinking much about it just hoping to get some more information about the school and classes all the usually stuff etc.  When I got there and seen my (not so) little man running around and playing with some of the other kids there I became over run with emotion!
Just kept running over and over in my head.  Now don't get me wrong I know hes still only two but to see him up chatting away with all the others including the teachers and not a bother to him made me somewhat sad...

I remembered back to those newborn days like it was yesterday.  I can still see his little button nose crinkle when he was tired and I remember those sweet little fat rolls that I used to just tuck right into me and cuddle for what seemed like hours.  I could see his bright blue eyes beaming up at me as I fed him locking eyes for moments but storing memories forever!  I was in a state of euphoria for the first couple of weeks of his arrival, months even!  Don't get me wrong I do still remember those anxiety filled days and those hard, long nights that all new moms go through but the good certainly out weigh the bad!  There are so many memories that make my heart just melt and immediately calm me as I throw myself back to those days!

When I eventually stopped my daydreaming and came back to the room I just sat there in complete memorization of him.  Sometimes its hard to believe that I could of possibly created something so perfect!  I guess what I realised is how important it is to cherish every moment you have with your children because they only ever get older!  As soon as they learn to walk they start to walk away from you, as soon as they start school they meet friends who they want to spend more and more time with.  As parents we teach our children to walk, talk, have manners and be kind, we support there decisions and encourage them at each and every stage as they grow, the hardest thing about being a parent is knowing one day we will have to leave go!

So when I think back now on my question where has my baby gone?  He will never be gone he will always be my baby no matter how old he is or what he is doing in life because I will always be able to look back and remember all these moments.

Here he is playing away with a truck!  
Yup another truck that's all he played with when he was down there was trucks and cars! Haha. Talk about obsessed!  He also chose his top today too!  He was helping me pick out his clothes this morning and he turned to me and said ''Mammy football match!'' I know I know its a hurling top but he was so happy to be like his daddy in a jersey! :)

Time really does go by so fast!  
So just enjoy the now and appreciate all you have :D

Until next time,

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