A week in pictures :)

Hey Everyone :)

So this post was inspired by the hundreds of pictures I take weekly!  Please, I can't be the only person who is snap happy when it comes to taking pictures with their phone right?  Haha. I always have it on hand to capture any moment or flawless makeup day :)  I really can't wait to get my camera so I can really get more into photography.  I don't know what it is but lately I am really into taking pictures, anyways here are a few of many picture taking over this week.  
Enjoy :)



This was actually a really random day as it wasn't planned but most of Lee's side of the family i.e his brothers and sisters minus 1 all came to the park to play with the two kids! We had such an amazing time and Cailan loved playing with his cousin Katie as always!  They are just too adorable together :D

This is just a blue smokey eye look I done earlier in the week!  I love nothing more then playing around with bold colours on my eyes! I used Makeup Revolutions Colour Choas palette to achieve this look! :) 

This was another amazing day out we had in Tramore.  This time we were joined by my sister Erica.  As you can tell by the first picture Cailan was super excited to go to the beach and the new pirate park they have out there!  If you haven't been yet and you live close by I would definitely recommend Tramore as a day trip there is so much to do especially for the little ones.   We played in the park, went in around the amusements for a while, took a walk on the beach and finished it off with the most amazing 99's.  Sadly there is no pictures of the ice-cream but they were thoroughly enjoyed by all! :D 

This is just a random a car selfie of myself and my little man <3  I can't remember where we were off too but look how adorable his little face is!!!!

I was having one of those really crappy days where I just felt completely blahh!! So I decided to get my bum up off the chair and put on a full face of war paint and a little side plait to make myself feel better!  Full details of this makeup look will be up early this week!

Again another makeup look from during the week.  The eye is pretty much the same as the one above just changed the lip colour.  This lip combo can be achieved for under €5! Want to know just CLICK HERE!

And lastly today was Fathers Day!  Me and Cailan spent the morning making Lee some pictures and cards and then we went to Dunmore.  The blessing of the life boats was happening out there and it was just so nice to be out and see all the different boats.  We then headed for lunch and went out to Tramore and played mini golf and walked around for a while.  It was just a really nice day out!

I hope you all had a great week filled with memories and shared with those that mean the most! 

Until next time,

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  1. nice pics..and beautiful make up on you last pictures xoxo



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