Baby No.2 Finally has a name!!!

Hey Everyone :)

So as you can probably tell from the title of this post we have finally agreed on a name for our new little arrival!  We no long have to call him baby no2! Woohoo, haha.

Trust me we have been going back and forth for weeks now over different names but just not being able to agree on one.  All the names Lee liked I just couldn't see them suiting and vice versa.  Some people were actually convinced we had a name and were just keeping it a secret as everytime someone would ask if we had a name we just said no! Haha.  But trust me we didn't! 

We were having one of our late night chit chats in bed, which if you have a significant other you will know just how random these chats can get! Haha, but we were laying in bed anyways and the whole topic of naming the baby came up once again so I decided to google popular boys names! Up popped an a-z guide of boys names with 20-40 names for each letter and I just began to read through them.  
We had no criteria for a name such as sticking with names beginning with C or anything like that.  So with that I just began reading down through the names beginning with A, B and C's.  NOTHING! I remember turning to Lee and saying ''This is just useless'' and he just said to me go on keep going... I turned back to look at my phone and started read the D's.  
There it was the name we had been waiting for over 7 months we even managed to agree on a middle name couldn't believe it!

Dylan Jack Nugent

We knew instantly that Dylan was the name!  Cailan and Dylan it has a ring too it don't it?  My two little boys!  Cailan has been loving the fact the baby now has a name.  Every morning we say ''Hi'' to baby Dylan and he kisses my bump and says ''see you soon''!  He has a list as long as his arm of all the games and things he wants to teach him like piano, hurling and football to name but a few!  Seeing how excited Cailan gets whenever we talk about Dylan is making me even more anxious for his arrival.  I can not wait to meet the other little man who is taking up so much room in my heart already.

I just wanted to update you all as many of you have been asking have we decided on a name yet! Haha
I will have a pregnancy update soon for you all so keep and eye out for that!  There won't be many more of them please god as I'm edging closer and closer to my due date! :D  I have something like 8 weeks left and it could be even less if I opt for an elective section so he will be here before we know it!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

Until next time,
Bye from Myself and Dylan.

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  1. Lovely name! That's sorta how we ended up naming our little girl, she's due in 5 weeks. My boyfriend and I were just lying in bed chatting, I was googling names of baby girls and thought it was useless.. I just turn to him and said "what about Emily?" And his face just lit up! She has been called Emily ever since. I've had to get used to it but I'm loving it now �� hopefully she looks like an Emily 5 weeks time ��

    1. Awwh thank you hun :) Yeah I really thought we were never going to agree on a name for him! Haha but when we bought heard it we both new it was the one! Oh god so do I we have has name on his nursery and all! Hahaa... Emily is a beautiful name hun Im sure it will suit her!

  2. Lovely Name Lisa. I'm sure the name will fit perfectly. Two strong boys name in your house :-)

    1. Thanks Michelle 😊 I hope it does anyways we have his name on his nursery door and everything 🙈

  3. Aww congrats on finding a name you both love! You're going to have two strong boys in your house! (not including your hubby!) Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.

    xo Jenn

    1. Thank you very much Jen 😊 well if hes anything like Cailan I have no doubt about that! Haha its a bit of a struggle but ive only a few weeks left so I dont want to complain! 😊 x

  4. Aw that's lovely, best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy, Dylan is a lovely name xx

    1. Awwh thank you hun I havent long left now and I just hope the name suits him now 🙈 haha x

  5. Dylan is a lovely name! Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy! X


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