Funny Monkey, Pull Over Review!!!

Hey my lovelys :)

I have a quick review for you today of the beautiful blue long sleeved top we received off the wonderful Vivian from Funny Monkey :) 

Firstly I want to tell you a little bit about Funny Monkey as it is a wonderful Irish clothing company for babys and kids.  The whole company started when the creator tried to buy some nice Irish clothing for her newly born baby cousin but just had no luck in doing so.  With that frustration it created a desire for her to come up with Funny Monkey and offer Irish people and Irish supporters real vibrant Irish kids clothes.  
All their clothing is 100% organic cotton, which makes them easy to wash and they simply feel so comfortable on their skin.

(( Cailan admiring himself in the mirror & posing!  I don't know what he loved more the little monkey on the top or his reflection in the mirror, haha )) 

How cute isit?  Cailan has an obsession with monkeys at the moment so as you can imagine he was completely in awe of the top and wanted to wear it everywhere, every single day, to bed even when it was covered in dinner! Haha. 
All the clothing has fun Irish sayings like ''I'm the Craic'', ''maith an buachaill'' and like the one Cailan has ''I didn't do naaatin''.   Which suits him down to the ground because 99% of the time he is up to something! Haha.  I would definitely recommend any mommy's or daddy's out their to check out the website, they have something for everyone.  Sizes go up from 3-6 months right up to 4-5 years and they have a wide selection of boys and girls clothes ranging from t-shirts, jumpers and long sleeved tops to mention a few.

All in all I will definitely be purchasing off this website myself I am in love with the quality and bright vibrancy of the top and it gets a massive thumbs up from Cailan too. :)

If your looking to add some cool little bits to your kids wardrobe go check out the website, or even if your stuck for a gift idea or present there;'s your answer! :D  I'll leave a link below to the website so you can check it out.

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