Give Them Nightmares Palette, Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial :)

Evening my luvs, :)

So last week I uploaded The fabulous Give Them Nightmares Palette by Makeup Revolution and asked would you guys like to see some tutorials using that palette only and after a massive response on my social medias I decided to do some for you :)

First up is this amazing blown out purple smokey eye! 

If you want to know how to achieve this look keep reading...

Okay so first up as you can see I just applied by basics! 
Foundation - A mix of L'oreals 24 hour Infalliable in the shade Porcealin with Rinmels Long Lasting 24 hour in the shade Ivory
Concealer - Penneys Foundation Stick in the lighest shade 
Powder - Rimmels Stay Matte Powder in Translucent
Bronzer - Collections Matte bronzer in Terracotta
Highlighter - Makeup Revolutions baked highlighter in the shade
Brows - Makeup Revolutions Brow Palette
(Now I no my brows are quite dark but when I'm doing a smokey eye look for going out I always do my brows that little but darker)

Okay first up I lost the sheet with the names of the shadows but I have taken a photo of the ones I used so you can follow easily! 
I applied the white shadow all over my lid using the above double ended brush from Urban Decay  I'm not sure if it has a name but it came with my Naked 3 Palette.  I brought it right up under my brow! I also applied it to the inner corners of my eyes and dragged it down under my lower lash line and brought it a third of the way in! This will act as a highlight shade aswell as being a base for any shadows applied on top of it! 

Next up I applied the lightest purple shade in the top right hand corner of the palette! I dabbed the access shadow of the brush and began to apply it just above the crease and blended from the inner corners right out.  I then just kept re-applying until I got the acquired shade I was after.  The key to achieving this look is to make sure there's minimum shadow on the brush and blend the colour on in circular motions and build! 

Next I used the other end of the urban decays eye brush to apply a more definite line with the shadow.  I also dampened the brush make the shadow more prominent when applied to the eye.  I brought the dark purple shadow half way across the top of my crease and out to the outer corner of my eye into a v shape. 
**Remember** to blend blend blend!! We wan't no harsh lines visible.  If you are struggling to blend the shadows have a clean blend-able shadow brush on hand.   This will just make blending the shadow easier as there is no product on the brush.

Just like before using the same smaller end of the brush I applied this black shadow to the outer corner of my eye and over the v shape I had created earlier using the dark purple and blended.  Adding the black shadow adds more intensity to the look giving off a more smokier affect.

Using the same dark purple shade as before I lined under my lower lash line.  This time I used a small angular brush by Fuschia Makeup.  I began at the outer corner of my eye and continued inward following my natural curve until I reached about 3/4's of the way in, from there I dragged the line out straight.  By doing this you will create a really glam finish to the bottom lash line.  I then just reapplied some of the white shadow to the outer corners of my eye and under my brow bone to brighten up the highlighted areas.

To complete this look I just applied a pair of false lashes, mascara and my favourite nude lip combo.
Mascara - Urban Decays Perversion Mascara Bigger, Badder, Blacker
Lashes - Bourjois Paris Full Volume Lashes
Lip Liner - Makeup Revolutions lip liner in the shade 'The One'
Lipsticks - Penneys Ps Love Nupe Lipstick

And that's it for my purple smokey eye tutorial.  I really hope you enjoyed this look.  If you do recreate it or take inspiration from it I would love to see your pictures.  Tag me or send them onto me on any of the social medias below and I will feature you on my Facebook page if you would like.  Any questions on any of the products or techniques used please ask away.

Until next time,

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