How To Contour Using Penneys Foundation Sticks :)

Good Evening Dolls :)

Not to long ago I posted on my Facebook and Instagram about these new foundation sticks in penneys.  

They got such a great reaction and alot of you had said you were going to get them with most of you getting back to me saying you did.  So because of this I decided to do a post on how to use these to contour your face, because the texture is so creamy and lightweight they are the perfect little gems to create a contour and highlight look.  

So firstly I applied primer around my t-zone, which as always was Rimmels Match Perfection Fix and Pertect Primer.  I absolutely love this primer it makes my makeup last all day with the need for no touch ups!  Also can we just take a second to appreciate how flawless and full coveraged my foundation looks?  Bare in mind I didn't even use any concealer!  In fact I didn't feel the need for any after applying, which is crazy because I always need to cover up some red areas and dark circles but the new mix of foundation I tried out offered me maximum coverage!  I combined L'oreals Infalliable Matte in the shade Porcelain with Rimmels Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in the shade Ivory and just mixed them together on my hand and applied with my foundation brush.  And voila... it left me with the ultimate full coveraged finish.

 So next as you can see from the picture above I applied the lightest foundation stick to the areas I wanted to highlight.  Basically you want to be applying your highlight shade in the areas where the natural light will hit your face!  I just applied it in a triangular shape under my eyes bringing it right up past my eyes to just under my temple.  I applied to my nose in and brought it up onto my forehead in another triangular shape this time upside down.  I also applied to the top of my cupids bow and chin.

Think of your two shades as pairs of jeans your lightest shade as a pair of white jeans and your darker shade as a pair of dark denims!  Now if you think about it white jeans will make your legs/bum appear larger where as the darker denims will give the illusion of them appearing smaller and thats exactly what contouring and highlighting is all about.  You contour the areas that you want to appear smaller such as the nose, forehead and chin.  Your creating the ultimate illusion on face.

Next I took the darker shade and applied it to all the areas I wanted to contour.  Don't worry about being to neat with this either your lines don't have to be perfectly straight as you will be blending.  I just applied three lines to my forehead one on either temple heading up towards the center and also one in the center.  Also along the two sides of my nose to give the illusion of a thinner, straighter one.  I then just applied to under my check bones and down to about an inch away from my mouth and above my chin in a crescent shape.  
FYI **As I explained up above contouring will make the area appear smaller so if you have a double chin just apply the darker shade to your jawline and blend this will give off the appearance your jawline is more prominent and eliminating your double chin!  Same goes for your forehead if you have a smaller one you may want to make it appear bigger if that is the case use alot more highlight in the centre of your forehead and only apply the contour shade to the temples.   This will make your forehead appear bigger**  
Remember guys its basically an optical illusion your creating on your face so have a little play around with the lines and figure out what exactly you want to contour and highlight.

So after I was finshed applying my contour I then took a damp beauty blender, mine is from Real Techniques and only cost me €5.99 in my local Sam McCauleys pharmacy.  These sponges are widely available online and in many different pharmacies.  To get best results when your blending make sure your blender sponge is damp it just makes the product alot easier to work with and in turn you get the best results.  I used the top corner of the sponge to blend the highlighted areas first then turned the sponge around to the other side and done the exact same thing for the contoured areas.
To finish of my look and to make sure my contour stays in place all day I set the highlighted areas with my Rimmels Stay Matte Powder in the colour Translucent and the contoured areas using a matte bronzer from Collection in the shade Terracotta.  

And that's basically it my luvs. :) That is how to create the perfect cream contoured look using the Penneys Foundation Sticks :)
This was the completed look.  I was totally inspired by the Waterford Hurlers as Waterford were playing in a semi-finals match that day.  Which they totally won by the way... Up the Deise!!!!!!! Haha.
Anyways I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial I tried to include as much detail and tips as I could think of to make it easier for you when you try it out yourself but if you find yourself with any questions don't hesitate to ask and let me know if you try it out :D

Until next time,

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