Makeup Revolution Haul ((The mother of all hauls PART 1 ))!!

Evening my lovelys,

So if your reading this from Ireland you have probably stayed in your pjs all day scrolling the internet all day and watching crappy reality tv because there's a freaking rain storm outside!!!  I promised this post would be up over the weekend but due to feeling like absolute crap I didn't move from the house nor did I interact much on any of my social medias!  So my apologies for that but I'm back now! :D Woo! Hahaa. 

So if you do follow me on social media you will have seen the massive packages I got in the door from Makeup Revolution, FYI I bought everything myself nothing was sent to me!  I 100% went over board but its makeup and I felt like I needed it all! Hahaa.  So I thought I would do a haul post for you along with some swatches of everything I got!  I have decided to split the post into 2 separate ones as it would just be too long and become super boring!  I will do all my palettes in one and everything else in the other.

So in total as you can see I got, 13 lipsticks, 8 lip liners, 1 mascara, 2 eyeshadow dust pots, 1 baked highlighter, 1 concealer stick, 1 ultra brow palette, 1 bronze palette, 1 cover and conceal palette. 1 blush palette and 5 eyeshadow palettes! :)

First up are the 3 Iconic Pro lipsticks which I got in these gorgeous shades.  
From left to right are...
 Liberty Matte, Game Of Mystery Matte and It Eats You Up Matte.  
As you can probably tell from the name these are all matte finish lipsticks which I am loving lately, I have been especially loving the nude toned one which I have been pairing with penneys love nude lip liner to create the perfect nude lip! These retail for €3.51 each and in my opinion are so worth it they are super long lasting and the pigmentation payoff is amazing!

Next up I have 1 of 2 #liphug collections.  This first collection is their red collection and has a total of 5 shades.  Now as you can see not all of the shades are red they range from deep browns and maroons to vibrant reds.  These lipsticks have more of a sheen finish when applied to the lip!  I absolutely love all these lippys and will certainly be experimenting with different looks!
From left to right...
We Have Come Too Far, I Am Ready?, Who Are We?, To Get Lucky and Saviour Will Come!

This is the 2nd #liphug collection that I got and this time I chose the nudes!  Exactly like the other collection the texture of these lipsticks are so creamy and very easy to apply onto the lip.  The 5 lipstick shades range from dark brown nudes to softer shades and dark pinks to soft pinks. Because I bought these lipsticks together in a collection they only cost me €10.57 and I made a massive savings of €7.05, compared too, if I was to buy these all as individual lipsticks. Bargain!!!  I made the same savings on the red #liphug collection too! :)
From left to right...
I Think Your Amazing, Save me from yourself, Insatiable, Not Giving Up and When You Come To Me!

Next up are Makeup Revolutions first ever lip liners, again if you bought them altogether you made a saving (which I am a sucker for as you can probably tell by now) so I got all these liners for €8.46 and made a saving of €2.82.  :) As you can see they are all super highly pigmented and are perfect for lining or even filling in the whole lip with.  There super creamy texture allows them to easily glide onto the lip.  These retail separately for only €1.41 and again are super inexpensive for the high quality you receive!

Last but certainly not least I have the baked highlighter in Golden Lights which I was eyeing up forever and two eye dust pots in the shades Dynamic and Angelic.  The highlighter retails for €4.23 which in terms of price range for a decent highlighter again is super cheap!  As you can see from the above swatch the payoff is super high.  The eye dust pots retail for only €1.41 and the pots themselves are quite small but we all know that eye shadows dusts seem to last forever anyways!  I think the pink colour (angelic) would be perfect for under the brow or on the inner corners of the eye as a highlighter shadow!

And that's it for part 1 I didn't bother swatching the mascara or Focus and Fix concealer stick because there was really no point!  I will however let you know how I get on with them :) The mascara was only €1.41 and was in the sale section and the concealer was €2.82.

Let me know if you would like me to create any looks using any of these products or if you would like a more detailed review on any of the makeup products I featured above :D

Until next time,
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  1. Such a fantastic and massive haul! I can't wait to see part 2. I'd love a closer look at the palettes as I really want to get one, but not sure which one :)

  2. Sorry for late reply to your comment hun! Did you get a chance to check out the palettes post? If not you should I swatched them all so you might get a better idea of which palette you may like to get! There is so many on the website its so hard to narrow it down! Haha x


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