Makeup Revolution Haul ((The mother of all hauls PART 2))

Welcome back ladies, 

So I'm back with part 2 of my Makeup Revolution Haul.  If you missed part one just click here to catch up!! :)  This time were talk palettes!  I got everything from eyeshadow palettes, to brow and concealer to name but a few!  I have a slight obsession with eyeshadow palettes so narrowing it down to ones I got was very hard but I am so happy with them!

First up we have 3 Salvation Palettes, there was actually a deal running when I ordered on these palattes and if you bought 2 you got the 3rd for free!  So how could you not? Haha.

This palette was a no brainer for me!  I had been eyeing it for such a long time so when I was finally purchasing off the website it was the first to go into my basket! I just love all the cool tones, now this palette is more of a winter/autumn palette but trust me it won't stop me from playing around and experimenting with it.  There are 18 shadows in total including 12 shimmer and 6 matte shades.  This palette only costs €8.46, which I think is a steal at that price considering this is a drugstore makeup brand.  They really are offering super inexpensive palettes with an amazing pay off.  So if your looking to expand your makeup collection or kit you should definitely look into getting yourself some of these. 


Next up is the 'Welcome To The Pleasure Dome' palette,  The first couple of colours were very matching to my own skin tone so they didn't swatch very well but all the rest were super highly pigmented!  This is the perfect night time/heading out palette, the smokey eye options are endless.  Again like the other palette it contains 18 shades, 12 shimmer and 6 matte! This palette just like all the other salvation palettes comes with a massive mirror and eyeshadow applicator.

My last salvation palette is the beautiful 'Colour Choas'.  This palette is not for the faint hearted!!!  I mean just look at those swatches!  Girls if your like me and you love colour this palette is a must in your collection!  I am obsessed with how pigmented and long lasting the colours are.  I understand there not everyones cup of tea but I am so looking forward to creating some amazing looks with this palette!  If you have any requests for makeup looks on any of these leave a comment below or drop me a comment on and of my social medias which are linked below.  Again the palette contains 18 shades including 12 shimmer and 6 matte.  An absolute must have palette for any MUA or makeup lover alike!!

Moving onto the Iconic Pro 2 palette!  I did order number 1 aswell but unfortunately they were out of stock when it came sorting out my order.  I was refunded the day after I received my packages so I was super happy with the service too. Anyways back to the palette, this is ment to be a DUPE for the Lorac Pro 2 Palette.  Which I have been wanting forever but when it comes down to it I just can't justify to pay so much on one product! Some day! Hahaa.  I am so impressed with this palette and I nearly go as far as saying its my favourite one!  All my favourite shades in the one easy to go to palette!  As you can tell from the swatches the colours themselves are bright, cool and edgy.  There are 16 shades in total in a mixture of matte and shimmer.  This palette unlike the rest comes with a professional double ended eyeshadow brush.  Perfect for anyone who is starting to build there brush collection!  Also unlike the other palettes this one is a matte finish palette just making it look that little bit more expensive when compared to the others.  This palette retails for €9.85, so slighter more then the other palettes but definitely worth it!!!!

I am all about them matte shadows!  So when I saw this massive 32 shade eyeshadow palette it became an absolute must.  At first glance the colours in the palette don't seem to be very colourful and bright but when I got round to swatching them it was a whole other ball game!  This palette only cost €11.27 which is an absolute bargain considering your getting 32 different shades to play around with.  As much as I like my shimmers, matte shades will trump every time!  I just like the way they look on the eye when applied.  I can already see myself reaching for this palette every morning so keep your eyes out for some MOTD's featuring this baby!

Its all about the power of the brow these days am I right girls?  So when I saw this Ultra Brow Palette my eyes nearly fell out of my head.  Again it was another must have for me.  Everything you will ever need to achieve the perfect brow is in this palette.  I am not joking!  It contains, 4 super blendable eyebrow shadows (which makes finding your perfect shade so much easier), 2 tinted eyebrow waxes, eyebrow arch enhancing cream and browbone highlighter, eyebrow pencil and mini tweezers and applicator!  These palettes come in 3 different shades light, medium and dark.  I got mine in light and it offers the perfect shades for my hair type and skin colour.  I get asked a lot what products I use on my eyebrows and I have a feeling this will be it for the next while! This brow palette is the same size as the eye shadow palettes so its amazing value for money costing only €11.26

Next is the Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Hot Spice.  This is the ultimate go to blusher palette it contains all the shades you will ever need taking you right through summer to winter.  Each shade is super pigmented and can be compared to some high end blushers from Nars and Mac to name but a few.  This contains 8 perfect shades in the one palette and offers the professional finish we all crave!  It contains a mix of matte and shimmer blushes, merged baked blusher and merged baked highlighter powder, which for those of you who may not know are the last shades in each row :)  This is perfect for any MUA or makeup enthusiast!  This palette won't brake the piggy bank as it only cost €8.46

Next up is this gorgeous Bronze Palette - All about bronze.  This palette is perfect for contouring as it contains both highlighter shades aswell and mattes and shimmers.  It ranges from light to quite dark so this palette is perfect for all skin tones!  This palette retails for €8.46 and again contains 8 perfect shades in the 1 place so its an absolute winner for me!

Lastly is the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light.  I naturally have very pale skin so I went with the light palette but they also have this in shades medium and dark.  The concealers were surprisingly full coverage, super creamy and easy to blend.  There are 8 shades in 1 palette which can be used individually or together to create your perfect shade.  I personally prefer concealer palettes too concealer wands or sticks.  It just makes life a lot easier.  This palette is also perfect for achieving the cream contour that is so sought after this year!  These concealers offer the ultimate coverage whether your using it them to diminish under eye dark circles or spots!  This palette only costs €8.46 when converted to euros and is simply a must have for all makeup lover!  Trust me you need this in your life.

My overall opinion on these palettes could not be any higher.  Whether its an eyeshadow, blush or bronze palette, I feel like everyone's makeup collection is in need of some Makeup Revolution!!  As I said above considering this is a drugstore brand I can't get over the quality and longevity of their products!  Seriously head over to their website and have a little browse around for yourself.  I know you will not be disappointed by the products or there price point.   Its suitable for all budgets.  They also are running some amazing deals on the website if your order is over so much you get a free eyeshadow palette etc, just keep an eye out as they are constantly changing there offers :) 

***If you would like to see any looks featuring any of the palettes above just HOLLA!! :)***

Hope you enjoyed this post and don't blame me if you end up on rations for the rest of the week! :P Hahaa. 

Until next time,
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  1. Wow awesome palettes great post :) x

    1. Thank you hun now to have fun and play with them all :D x

  2. I love this post. And I love Make Up Revolution, I'll be heading into town tomorrow to buy that contouring palette. :) xx

    1. Thank you very much hun :) Oh I am definitely a massive fan of Makeup Revolution after that massive haul! Now to have fun experimenting with all the palettes :D xx

    2. Thank you very much hun :) Oh I am definitely a massive fan of Makeup Revolution after that massive haul! Now to have fun experimenting with all the palettes :D xx


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