My Top 5 Makeup Tips :)

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Thought I would share with you my Top5 makeup tips right now, at the end of the day sharing is caring...

#1.  PRIMER!!! Girls using a primer is so easily looked over by so many of you and I have been guilty of it myself in the past.  I just never really seen the point in primer until I started using it and noticed the difference in the longevity my makeup.  Basically it makes the makeup sit in place all day with the need for no touch ups.  This is a most when your a mom because lets face it, when on earth are we going to get time to sit and fix our makeup?  Its just not going to happen.  So using primer has become a must in my daily skin and makeup routine.  The one I use personally is Rimmels Match Perfection Fix and Perfect Primer.  I would recommend this to anyone, its cheap, feels great on the skin and makes your makeup last all day! What more could you want?

#2.  CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!!! This one is the most important out of the 5!  The dirt and oil from your face will build up over time on your brushes not too mention the left over products that stick to your brush.  If not cleaned thoroughly it can leave you with some grimy brushes but more important to that it can lead to infections and things like so I would recommend giving them a deep clean every 2-3 weeks and no longer.  You can pick up makeup brush cleaners to suit all budgets I mean Penneys even have them so no excuse girlys!!  I just clean mine with Johnsons Baby Shampoo.  Its just handy as there's always some in the bathroom :)

#3.  APPLY FOUNDATION TO YOUR NECK!!  Awwh heck, this is one of my biggest pet peeves!  Seriously, how annoying isit to see someone with a face full of foundation and there neck is bare white!!  I mean girls come on we spend so much time applying our makeup and doing our contour and eyeshadow do we really want to ruin it all by not blending down to your necks?  When applying your foundation just blend it down onto your neck so its all tied in and your matching.  Its that simple, lets get rid of foundation lines for good! Whos with me?

#4.  APPLY A WHITE BASE BEFORE YOUR SHADOW!!!  Do you have those amazing bright and vibrant coloured shadows but when you apply them to your lid they appear dull and half the colour you want them to be?  Well fear not I have you covered!  All you need to do is before you apply the shadow colour over your lid with a white eyeliner.  Any white liner will do the one I personally love and use is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade milk.  After hearing so much hype about it I picked one up and have been loving it since.  Its also great to use on your lower lash line to make those eyes appear bigger and brighter.

#5.  HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT CONCEALER AND BRONZER COLOUR!!!  So many people when buying a concealer make the mistake of trying to match it to there skin tone like you would a foundation.  This is not actually the case to choose the correct concealer for you get one that is 1-2 shades lighter then your natural skin tone.  Concealer is used too not only cover the area its applied to but also brighten it. As for bronzer its basically the same except your looking to go 1-2 shades darker then your natural skin tone.  Any darker will just make your face look orange and it will be alot harder to blend once applied.

And there you have it my top 5 makeup tips :)  Let me know if you try any of these tips out or if you have any yourself just leave them in the comment boxes :D 
Also if you guys enjoyed this post please let me know as I have many tips to share with you and I can make this a sort of regular post on the blog where I give you my top tips of the moment!

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