38 Week Update! :)

Hey Everyone :)

I'm back with my 38 week update! Can you believe its been 38 weeks already?  Seriously, though I can't!  Baby Dylan could be here with us any day now and I am more then ready to meet him! Haha.  Between these braxton hicks contractions, sleepless nights and leg cramps I am more then ready.

To be honest since I update yee last not much has changed apart from the braxton hicks.  I literally contract every single night and is most recent days I contract during the day too.  Most of the time there painless just really severe tightening in my stomach.  Last night however was a different story altogether.  I even had my sister on stand by because I honestly thought it was go time and that we would be heading to the hospital at some stage but like always it was a false alarm.  Unlike the other times I was getting alot of back pain and what can only be described as period cramps with the contractions.  I told Lee and he said we'll head to bed so I could lie down and relax and we would go from there.  I began to time them and they were coming every 8 minutes and lasting between 30seconds to 2 minutes.  I was all over the place I know but I was fully convinced I was in the early stages of labour and I was really kind of excited about it!  Terrified but excited!  But as you know it was just a false alarm and they eased off around 2/3 in the morning.
See I never got the braxton hicks contractions when I was pregnant with Cailan so I'm really just learning as I go with them this time around.

I also had a doctors appointment last Thursday where she basically just checked my blood pressure, had a feel of the baby and checked his heartbeat.  All was perfect thank god and I got to hear Dylans little heartbeat.  Something I will never tire of.  I always get really emotional when I hear it, I surely can't be the only one am I?  We then just had a general chat about my well being and his movements.  According to my doctor I am ''in pristine condition and will more then likely go over''.  Which is great to know that everything is well and stuff but I was kind of hoping to hear that he might be here any day now.  Haha.  Christ, if hes anything like Cailan he will never want to come!  I guess its all a waiting game and I just have to wait and see what happens and as far as making my mind up about the c-section I haven't!  I'm really struggling with the decision I have been weighing up the pros and cons but that just leads me around in circles.  I have a hospital appointment this Friday where they are going to be asking me for my decision on it all so I really need to get deciding!  
When I have made my mind up I will definitely let you.

Apart from that everything else is good.  I finally finished packing Dylan and I's hospital bags so I will have that post up this week.  With all these fake contractions happening its really given me the push to finish packing so when the time does come I'm not running around like a headless chicken in labour trying to gather my last few bits and pieces.

Anyways guys thats it from me.  Not much else to update you on.  Its getting closer and closer to crunch time so I don't know how many more pregnancy updates I'll have for you.  I think from hear on in I will do smaller, weekly updates just to keep you guys informed and in the loop with everything.
Any questions or anything please ask away!  This is my second pregnancy and although that don't make me a nurse or doctor I have had a lot of experience so anything I can help you out with I will.

Until next time,

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  1. Wow that flew by!! Nearly there now so exciting for you all xx

    1. Hasnt it just? I know were all over excited at this stage 🙈 hahaa loving your snaps btw hun! I tried daily snapping today for the first time too 😊 xx

  2. This seems to have flew since you announced. So exciting :) your doing brilliantly!

    Rachael x

    1. Thank you hun. I really do feel like its after flying now Ive only 9 days until my due date! Just can't believe it! :D x


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