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Hey my luvs, :)

As you all know I haven't been feeling great over the past week or so and I have it all in my 36 week update post which will be going live on Thursday.  Today I decided to pop into town with my sister to gather up the last few bits and pieces I needed for my hospital bag.  Well that was my plan until I hit Penneys and a few more things were added! Haha,  I just don't think its possible to go to Penneys for just what you need! It has to be impossible!!
Anyways here are the few bits I managed to pick up...

So first up I went to Claires Accessories.  I just so happened to notice a 3 for 2 sale sign on the window so myself and my sister decided to pop in and have a look.  I picked up this fabulous pink lippy which was down to €2!  Here is a swatch of it the top picture is with a flash and the bottom is without.  You can see that its a gorgeous barbie pick shade perfect for summer!   Its creamy in texture and and has a slight shimmer to it.

Also in the 3 for 2 was this choker chain that was also down to €2!  My sister got one too which meant I got the lippy for free!  Absolute bargain.  I am obsessed with choker chains for this season!  They just add a little something to every outfit!

Next I went to Penneys where to be fair, most of the damage was done!

So the main reason I went to Penneys in the first place was to pick up some light pjamas for the hospital! I wanted lose and comfy as I still don't know whether or not I'll be having a c-section so I wanted to make sure the band was lose so it wouldn't be sitting tight on the scar as it healed!  So first I grabbed this little navy and baby blue vest and shorts combo for only €6! Perfect for lounging around in and the vest is dressy enough for when I have visitors too!

Then I just grabbed an extra pair of shorts.  I tried sticking to the same colours so I got these fab navy and white shorts with hearts all over them and a cute little white bow to the front.  These were only €3!

Next I got these grey snake print fake leather loafers!  I have been living in a white pair which I also got from Penneys in the childrens sections! ((QUICK TIP - If you are a size 5 or under in a shoe then go check out the kids section for shoes, Penneys do some fab kids shoes and they are always a couple euros cheaper then, if you were to pick them up in the adult section.))  These shoes however I got in the womens section and they are so comfy. I just find you cant go wrong with a shoe like these as they go with every outfit and you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort as they provide both! Wooo! Haha.


Not that I needed a new pair of sunglasses because I easily have about 10 pairs laying around the house but these ones caught my eye and for just €3 I couldn't leave them there!

Next to go into my basket was these fab sultry lashes from the Penneys Ps Love range.  You really can't go wrong for only €1.50!  However the glues not great but lets be fair you do get what you pay for!  I tend to cut these lashes as the are slightly to long for my own eyes but when they are applied they just make any smokey eye look!  Definitely one of my favourite bargain buys from Penneys own range,

So I was in need for a new liquid liner and I just so happened to notice that Penneys had their own one!  It was only €1.50 so its definitely worth a try for that.   I will let you know how I get on with this but I did give it a little swatch when I came home and the brush is small so its great for creating the cat winged liner look plus it dried instantly to a dark matte black!  It has ticked all the boxes so far. :)

This liquid liner is from Essence and its absolutely amazing!!! I honestly can't rave enough about this liner.  Once its applied it doesn't smudge and it lasts all day long, it doesn't ever fade!  I also love the applicator as most liquid liners will have loads of tiny little hairs where as this one has a tiny pointed sponge which gives you even more precision when using it and I think its only something like €3.49!  Which is ridiculous considering how well it last and how easy it is to use!

Next I popped over to the wet 'n' wild stand and picked up one of my favourite nudes ever!!  This nude is in the shade 'Bare it All'.  As you know I am obsessed with wet 'n' wilds lipsticks and for only €2.99 you really can't go wrong,  The first picture is with the flash and the 2nd is without!  

 I also grabbed another on of these deep cleasning peel-off masks from Penneys own range. I am such a big fan of face masks and I've used this one before and I really do find it to be very refreshing.  I try picking one up every time I'm in there just to have them at home so any day im feeling a bit bluhhh or my skin needs a little extra help I pop one of these on!  These masks are only €1 too which your purse will thank you for later :D

Ands thats it guys all of what you seen above I got in Penneys today so they are all in stock at the moment,
Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time,

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