My Birth Story (Emergency C-Section) Part 1

Hey my luvs,

So I have been going back and forth about writing this post for quite a while now!  I guess I just wasn't sure I was ready to put my story out their into the world as its not your average one but after reading up on other peoples I've realised that their is no average birth story everyone single persons experience with labor is different.  
Since I've started this blog I have been lucky enough to be able to connect with a lot of you moms and moms to be and I get asked all the time what my labor was like so I have finally decided to sit down and share my experience with you all :)  It's definitely going to be a long one so just sit back, put the feet up with a cuppa and enjoy.

I guess I will begin from the very start!  I was a week and a half over my due date, I was cranky, swollen, barely able to walk and just so over being pregnant at that stage.  I just wanted to meet my little man so bad, I was so ready for the whole labour thing or at least I thought I was.  Watching every episode of One Born Every Minute counts as preparing for labour right?  
I woke early that morning from what can only be described as the words worst night of sleep ever if you could even call it sleep.  I was so big at that stage it made it almost impossible for me to turn over onto my other side but it was very necessary as I found staying in the one position would make the aches, pains and cramps even worse.  Lee had work at 9 and I really didn't want him to go I remember asking him to ring in sick but he wanted to keep as many sick days as possible the he had left to add to his time off after the baby arrived.
 So off he went to work, I plopped myself on the sofa and began to flick through the recordings on the UPC box.  I turned over and had a small nap and before I knew it my mam was at the door.  She called up everyday to see me (check on me) hahaa anyways I was chatting away to her over lunch and I mentioned to her that I had felt like I lost some water last night, that it didn't feel like a wee it just came out but there was only a small amount and nothing after.  She asked me did I ring the hospital and explain to them and I said no that it was obviously nothing.  She made me ring them and I was told to come straight into the labor ward.  That is the moment it all became real for me.  I got straight onto the phone again this time ringing Lee's work.  I told the girl on the phone to pass a message onto Lee, tell him not to panic but the hospital thinks I may be in early labour and I need him to come home as soon as he can.  I am not kidding less then 5 minutes later I get a panicked call from Lee telling me he is on his way asking am I okay... I told him to relax that I'm fine I'm in no pain the doctors just want me in.
As I gathered my bags together and done one last check through my lists to make sure I had everything I needed I felt a sudden rush of emotions flow through me.  Realistically it was probably a spike in my blood pressure as I have to admit I was up in a heap and trying my best to look like I was calm.  Lee was home in no time and I told my mam I'd ring her as soon as we had been seen and I knew what was happening.
We got there and I was sat into a little check up room.  I was told the doctor would be in to see me at any minute as she hooked me up to a monitor and placed a band around my belly.  When the doctor came in she explained if the strip she was holding turned black it meant I was in labor.  She did it twice and both times it came out black however she wasn't convinced I was in labor (even though the strip said otherwise).  I was so disheartened by this but Lee was there to cheer me up.  The doctor came in after that to speak to me.  He checked the sheets of paper that were monitoring the baby and myself and he was unhappy to send us home at that point.  He said there is small signs of labor and that he wanted to keep me in over night to see if there is any progression.  After having a quick chat with the doctor he assured me that the next time I would leave this hospital is with my new little baby in hand.  Very encouraging words at this stage.

((That is us in the room waiting to hear from the doctor))

 Myself and Lee were so excited at this point we new it was happening however slow it may be or long it may take our little creation was soon to make his first appearance into this world.  I got settled in a ward with other women in early stages of labor.  Lee helped me get comfortable in bed and was more then willing to sit with me all night.  I told him to head off home and to get some sleep, I knew he didn't want to leave me nor did I want him to leave but it would of just been selfish of me to ask him to stay.  Not long after he left a nurse came to check on me.  She explained I wouldn't be monitored hourly over the course of the night to check my progression.  Of course I didn't realise it was going to be every single hour until it happened.  Another night of no sleep great!  Although to be fair with everything that was going on around me I don't think I would of slept much anyways.  There was a girl opposite me and she sounded like she was going to give birth any second but was told she was no where near ready to head over to the labor ward.  The poor girl, I can still remember her screams of agony to this day.
((Lee took this photo of me right before he left, as you can see I'm exhausted and struggling to put a smile on my face))

I was having mild contractions throughout the night but none that put me in established labor.  They were regular but I hardly felt any pain at all.  The same doctor came into me very early the next morning at around 6 to check up on me once again and see where I was with the labor and how I was getting on with it.  He said there's no doubt I'm getting contractions so he was happy to induce me if I was comfortable enough with it.  I said sure anything that would help speed this process up and get me into established labor!  I rang Lee straight away, he was up already which I was surprised because it was still very early in the morning.  I told him the doctor was going to induce me in an hour and that should help get things moving.   He was happy once I was and told me he would be out within the next 10/15 minutes.  Which he was! We sat together and just chatted about the fact we could be holding our son before the night was out.  Something we both had been longing to do for so long.  Like clock work the doctor came to my bed an hour later this time with two midwives one who was rolling a trolley with all the bits and bobs needed to administer the gel.  Lee was asked to leave until the process was over.  The doctor explained to me that it does not always work but for the majority of women it does.  He told me all I have to do now is sit back and wait for the stronger contractions.  If I felt the pain increasing or becoming more frequent to let one of the nurses know and we will go from there.
I have to say I was feeling very relaxed and calm at this stage.  I just laid back in the bed and tried to get some sleep.  After I rang my mam to give her an update of course!  I managed to get a couple of hours but I woke to feeling a contraction a lot stronger then the ones previous.  It was over quick but then I had another one 6/7 minutes later and believe me these ones were hurting like a bitch.  I buzzed for the nurse and she offered me a tens machine.  For those of your who don't know it is a machine you tie around yourself that basically sends little tiny electrical shocks to your nerves.  It is believed it tricks your brain into thinking your not in as much pain as you actually are as the electrical shocks blocks the pains travelling from your nerves to your brain.
 The nurse told me to have a walk around but not to stray to far so I headed down to the cafe with Lee where he got some lunch and I also met my mam and sister who had come out to see me.  We chatted for a while and I could tell they were both so excited. They said they were heading off for something to eat and would call back afterwards.  I headed back up to the ward I was staying as the pain seemed to be getting worse and worse I was fully sure I was progressing.  When I got back up I told the nurse I was in a lot of pain and she said she would come in and exam me vaginally to see if I had dilated at all.  Turned out I was still only 2-3 centimeters which was so disappointing and a massive knock back!  However my cervix was around 80% thinned out which was something.  She told me there was not much else she could do at this stage but told me that I should think about going for a bath to help me relax and help with the pain.  So I did, which if I'm honest didn't help so much with the pain I did help me relax and get my head around what was going on.
I really felt so deflated at this stage.  I was angry at myself at how slow my body was to go into labor.  I was sad because I felt like I was never going to meet my baby.  I just wanted to hold him, kiss him and tell him how much I loved him.  Lee was really great throughout all of this, its not until I looked back on everything that I actually realise everything he had done for me I don't know how I would of got through it without him.  After my bath myself and Lee headed back too my bed he tried his best to make me comfortable but at this stage the pain was just getting worse.  I felt like the tens machine wasn't working for me anymore so I called for the nurse.  She carried out another vaginal exam and I was so sure I was after dilating but I was wrong.  I was still only 2-3 centimeters but my cervix was fully thinned out!
She decided because of my pain that it was time to move me onto the labor ward so I could start on some gas and air.  I was couldn't of been happier I was moving into the room that I was going to give birth to my son in!  Well that's what I thought at least.  Lee gathered all my bits and pieces and put them into my bags and we headed off.  All the laboring rooms were full so I was placed into a small ward beside the rooms where I had to wait but I was started on gas and air right away.  It wasn't long before it took affect and I was feeling chilled and mellow in no time.  I was a little light headed but that was the least of my worry's!  I wasn't waiting long to be moved into a room and it was there where my real story begins...

And that's it for Part 1 guys,  as you can tell I have quite the story to share with you.  I hope you come back to read Part 2 which will be live on the blog tomorrow.
I would love to hear your birth story's so if your willing to share please do!  Or if you have any sort of question please don't hesitate to ask as I would be more then happy to answer them for you :)

Until next time,

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  1. Congratulations on your little boy xx

  2. Well done for toughing it out, lovely! It must be so difficult to have a slow labour. I was getting irritated at only a few days over! Congrats and looking forward to part 2!

    1. Thank you for your comment hun 😊 it was difficult but id do it all again in the morning for him! I hope you enjoyed part 2! Xx


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