My Top5 Current Favourite Apps :)

Hey my luvs,

I thought I would do something a little different for you all by sharing with you my top5 apps.  Who doesn't have a smartphone these days right?  So I have an Iphone 5C and to be honest at first I was in love but I have it over a year now and I'm just so fed up with it.  In my opinion there just really not worth the hype, completely over rated!  Anyways, that's a story for a different day here are my top5 current favourite apps...

#1. Instagram

Okay so first up is one I use everyday!  If you follow me you will know I upload just about anything onto this from my motd's too funny memes and pretty much anything else!  I love discovering new people to follow on Instagram and I'm completely obsessed with following makeup companies, other makeup artists, bloggers etc.  If your not following me already CLICK HERE and do it :)

 #2. Heads Up!

Next up is one of the funniest apps I've ever used!  If you have it you will know what I'm talking about if you don't I would seriously recommend you get it.  This app was brought out by Ellen DeGeneres in 2013.  It is a paid app but costs only €0.99 and believe me it is absolutely worth it.  Basically how it works is one person holds the phone sideways across there forehead while a friend or friends acts out the word on the screen.  Its basically like a modern day charades!  However while your playing it also records whoever is acting out so you can watch it back afterwards and trust me watching it back is sometimes more funnier then when your actually playing!

#3. CoCoppa

So this app is different to the rest.  It is a wallpaper and icon changer app.  Basically you can give your Iphone a makeover by changing the app icons that are displayed on your homescreen!  There are also thousands of wallpapers to choose from whether your into quotes, themes, pictures, or designs there is something for everyone.  I f your like me I change my phone cover every couple of days as I tend to just get bored and that doesn't stop there with my wallpaper either?  Go on give it a try this is a free app so you have nothing too lose!

 #4. Boots Ireland

This is a relatively new app and if you haven't downloaded it yet what are you waiting for?  Especially if you have a boots advantage card!  Not only can you shop straight from the app but you can also add offers onto your boots card so next time your in store all you have to do is get your card scanned and you will avail off the offers!  Its also a great way to check out the latest offers in store.

 #5. A Beautiful Mess

Last but certainly not least is my favourite photo editing app called A Beautiful Mess.  I absolutely love this app you can add filters, borders, change the size of the photo and even create a photo collage.  This is another paid app but again costs only €0.99 and is definitely on I would be lost without!

And that's it my top5 current favourite apps :)  If you have any other great apps please let me know I'm always on the hunt for a new app!

 Until next time,

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