Physicians Formula Makeup haul!

Hey Everyone :)  

So if you follow me on Snapchat/Facebook or Instagram you will have seen the amazing package I got from The Publicity Loft and Physicians Formula Ireland!  To be fair I won this in a competition but I want to thank the girls nonetheless. So thank you girls!
The postman knocked on the door and I knew the post must be exciting because he never knocks unless its a package!  I was so freaking excited when I opened it to see all these amazing goodies!  I resisted the urge to swatch them however as in a twist of fate I had just got a memory card for my camera that day so it seemed like I was destined to do a first impression video with swatches as my first ever YouTube video! 

I have the video filmed and all I just need to figure out how to edit properly as I'm not sure I am using the best editing software at the moment so once I find my knack I will have the video up! :D
Anyways enough babbling from me I'm sure the reason your reading this is cause your excited too see these products so here they are...

First up I have these 3 stunning mini palettes...
From top to bottom, Blue Eyes Palette, Smoky Nude Palette and then the Smoky Palette.
The first thing that caught my eye about these shadow palettes is there beautiful packaging.  The smoky nude is all laced whilst the smoky palette has a cute little gem on it!  They are just divine!  The blue eyes palette has all the natural browns and blues that will compliment any blue eyes so if you have them then this palette is definitely a must have for you!  All the shades you could ever need in one little palette... Perfect!  Next is the smoky nude palette and I have to say this is my favourite of the 3!  How amazing are these shades that range from shimmery blacks, browns, bronzes and creams.  These shades are right up my alley and are perfect for creating an amazing smokey eye for any occasion!  Last but not least is the smoky palette which has a gorgeous range of purple tonnes and silvers and would be perfect for anyone with green eyes!

Next up is this amazing shimmer bronzer and eyeshadow palette!  I am totally crushing over bronze shades on the eyes at the moment so I can myself using this more as a shadow palette then a bronzer however if the sun ever decides to show its face down around the ''sunny south east'' I will for for be bronzing up my skin with this little beaut!

Now for my absolute favourites the amazing nude eyes eyeliner trio...
Each one also comes with there own liner sharpener which is situated at the bottom of the liner itself!  I personally have never seen this with any other eyeliners before so I was very impressed!  Like how handy is that?
As I thought the liners when swatched were amazing.  Here they are in all there glory.  Now I know this is not the best picture but you can clearly see they are so highly pigmented and shimmery the perfect liners to complete any smokey eye look.  I am absolutely obsessed with eye liners in general so I know I will be using these all the time.  There perfect for any light or dark looks.  
Overall the liners get a massive 10 out of 10 from me.  I love the colours, I love the fact that there the twistable liner and come with there own sharpener!  Also another reason why these liners are a winner for me is the facet they glide on so easily.  The texture is real creamy and not drying on the eyes at all.

And lastly are the custom eye enhancing kohl kajal eyeliner trio!
 These are 3 very highly pigmented liners as you can tell from there swatches below.  Although they are slightly similar in colour to the other eyeliner trio they are slightly softer in colour.  They are perfect for creating definition on the inner corners of the eye or creating a base for a smokey eye.  Just apply the liner like you would apply any base colour over the whole lid.  Layer a shadow on top and just blend it out to create a perfect smokey eye in seconds!

 I hope you enjoyed this little mini haul, don't forget to follow me on my social medias which are linked below!
Have you ever tried any Physicians Formula Makeup?  What are there must haves I'm dying to try more of there products!

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