A decision has finally been made!

Good Evening Everyone :)

So I had my hospital appointment last Friday and if you follow me on Snapchat you will kind of know whats happening if not there has been decisions made and certain things put in place finally!
If you have been following me for a while you will know I was in a bit of a pickle not knowing what to do when it comes to the decision of how to labour my second baby.

I have really struggled with the decision, going back and forth, trying to weigh up the pro's and con's having dozens of chats with Lee about it but somehow never coming to an absolute definitive decision.  I was so conflicted with it all because I felt like I should just know what the right thing to do was but I didn't.  My main priority is getting the 2 of us through the labour safe and healthily,  I mean that is all I want at the end of the day but is that going to be with a section or labouring naturally?  To be honest I still don't know but I have had a sit down with my doctor and we have gone through all the possibilities and we have have finally come up with a plan.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now because the decision has been slightly taking out of my hands.  As I mentioned above I have been feeling so shit and guilty about not knowing what the right thing to do was and my doctor reassured me that its all normal and that it is a massive decision to make.

So as I said we sat down and went through all the possibilities.  At the appointment I was 38weeks+1day.  She checked his meassurments and to see if he was engaged at all, which it turns out hes not.  I have to say I was a little gutted when she said that because I was full sure I was ready to go any day now.  Haha.  She also said its very unlikely that he will engage in the next 2 weeks. Now I now a babys head can engage at almost any stage but according to my track record its not likely but she did say that we can't rule it out.  She popped me off for a final ultrasound just to see how much he weighed and get some more accurate measurments of him and then we would discuss the labour.
So I went for the ultrasound the girl that was doing it was super nice and chatty.  I love when doctors/nurses are friendly like that you just seem to become a lot more comfortable and also you tend to get more out of your appointment.  Anyways because hes not engaged yet he was curled up in a ball so at the start it was very difficult for her to get an estimate.  She moved me onto both my sides to see if we could get baby Dylan moving and into a different position.  Finally he moved and she was able to gather some estimates.  Her first measurement was 7pounds 15ounces and the next was 7pounds 13ounces so he is roughly around 8 pounds!  I actually was quite surprised to hear that because my doctor has said he feels like quite a small baby so when I heard he already weighs more then Cailan did when he was born I was shocked, we have another buster on our hands please god! Plus its not looking like I'm going to need to run out and buy some newborn vest and babygrows.  I remember buying a tonne of them for Cailan and he only got about 2 weeks wear out of his newborn stuff so I stuck to 0-3months when buying this time around!

So we then headed back to have a chat with the doctor scan pictures in hand!  Which Lee was delighted about because we have a frame in Dylans room with all his scan pictures so far and we were missing just 1 to complete the whole frame.  The frames were Lee's idea as we done one for Cailan too so he wanted to do one for Dylan and they look adorable hanging in their rooms.

Anyways there I go again going off point! Haha.
So my doctor decided to bring me back in 2 weeks time which is the day after I'm due, which is obviously only if I haven't gone into labour by myself at that stage.  Shes going to do a check to see if there is signs of my body going into labour itself naturally such as, checking to see if I am anyway dilated or check to see if my cervix is anyway thinned out.  If not the decision has been made to section me at that point.  If there is signs of my body wanting to labour itself she is happy to leave me go over another 10-14 days to see if I labour.  If I don't by that stage she will then want to bring me in, brake my waters and start me on the contraction drip.  She explained, due to my previous section I can only receive 1 bag of the drip as 2 will tare my scar open!  Pretty horrific I know right?  That's not all the contraction drip is 10 times worse then normal contractions as they are tricking your body.  They are forced labour pains.  I just didn't feel comfortable with that decision at all and asked if I was to get to that stage where they wanted to brake my waters could I opt for a section myself and she said of course at the end of the day its what I feel comfortable with so that's what I decided to do if we get to that stage.

I am so relieved that there is now a plan A and B in place in all situations.  Overall the best option is obviously for my body to go into labour itself and I bring Dylan into this world myself.  However, just like Cailan that might not be an option for me so I have to keep an open mind.
Now its all just one big waiting game.  I can't believe were counting down in single digits to my due date. Only 6 days to be exact! Its scary how fast the time has just flown by!
I absolutely loved being pregnant and was extremely blessed to have no hic-cups along the way not even a single morning of sickness.  Being pregnant is such a miracle and I am so thankful god has giving me this precious gift.  I thank him every day for everyone I have been blessed with in my life.

I'm going to leave you with one of my favourite quotes that I only ever really understood since I began my beautiful family.

Until next time,

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