A little update for you, PLUS I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

Hey My Lovelys :)

I have had a serious brake from social media and my blog as of late due to giving birth to my beautiful son Dylan On Wednesday the  So I just felt the need to update you all on whats been going on the past few weeks and some of my plans moving forward with the blog.  I will be asking for your feedback at the end so I urge everyone who is reading this right now to comment below after reading :)

  Okay so I completely underestimated how hard recovering from a c-section would be and to think this has been my second one that I would know better! Haha.  It has been a really, really tough time (i will have a blog post on my birthstory + my recovery story coming soon so keep an eye out for that) for me recovery wise however Dylan has been an amazing distraction!  A c-section is major surgery and this is my second time having one.  As much pain as I was in I would do it a million times over for Dylan.  He has brought such joy and happiness to our little family's life's.  
I took a brake from the blog and snapchat mainly because I was too weak and in a lot of pain.  I tried to snapchat as much as I could but failed miserably,  For one I haven't left my house since leaving the hospital and the most exciting thing I would of done with my day is shower! Haha.  So my snaps would of been pretty boring regardless.  I am back on it so if your not already following me head over and do it. My Snapchat name is down below.  I have been semi-active on my Facebook and Instagram but as I said I am back now woohooo.  Yayy to feeling human again!!

I have so many new ideas for the blog aswel as giving it a little bit of an update!  Which in my opinion is long over due! I will be doing a weekly feature on the blog and this is where you come in I have a few different ideas but I just can't seem too decided on one so who better to ask then you the reader yourself!  Here is a list of weekly features all I need you to do is comment and let me know which one you would prefer the most popular one will feature, its as easy as that!
So here they are...
  • My Top5...  So every week I will bring you my top5 of something, whether it be lippys to shadow palettes, to netflix series or movies.  Each week will feature a random top5!
  • My Week In Photos... I did a post a while back and it proved very popular with you guys so would you like to see one every week? To see what kind of post I'm talking about check it out here
  • A Weekly/Monthly Q&A... This will feature Q&A's with myself it would probably be a monthly feature rather then a weekly feature so if you wanted to see this in the blog alongside another feature let me know as I would be happy to run a weekly and monthly feature! :)  I really feel like this will allow you guys to get to know me as a person rather then just a blogger :)
  • A Friday Rant... Lets face it us woman love a good rant!  This feature would include random weekly rants of things that have been bothering me that week!
  • Agony Aunt... This is something I haven't seen any other bloggers doing and think it would be a very interesting feature to do.  Plus I've always fancied myself as a bit of an agony aunt! Haha.  Each week I will ask you guys to email me your problems whether it be from makeup to boys to pretty much anything I will pick one or two depending on the question and answer them for you. Of course each question will remain anonymous! I just feel like this would be a really fun and give you guys a chance to interact.

I know, I know there is quite a lot to choose from but please let me know which one you would prefer to read each week! You can let me know on any of the social medias below!

Also I plan on joining slimming world as soon as I'm back on my feet properly this would be a complete separate feature on the blog.  I would track my progress, post recipes, weightloss ideas etc.  Would you like to come along on the journey with me?  There will be plenty of positive and encouraging posts so if your thinking of losing weight or your already on your own journey I think it would be great to follow!  Let me know guys!!!

I feel like I'm after throwing a million and one things at you guys tonight! Haha but nothing means more to me then you guys so I'd like to here from you what exactly you'd like from me! :)

I've also mentioned that my blog will be getting a little revamp.  I just feel with everything that's been happening it needs a little updating so keep an eye out for that!
And that's pretty much it!  I am back on the blogging wagon and couldn't be happier :) 
Hope you have a great week and I will catch you in the next post!

Until next time,

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  1. great ideas hun!! Nice to keep it fresh!! I have to do something similar with mine too! i feel like my blog has no routine, and we all know how important routine is in all aspects of life haha xx

  2. So many great ideas chic. Totally agree with Grainnes too. I need to kick my ass in gear and get a bit of routine. I love all the ideas. Especially the agony aunt post!!

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s | | I n s t a g r a m |

  3. I would love to see the Friday rant, we're all human 😂 xx


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