A little update on my YouTube Channel! :)

Hey my lovelys,

So I wanted to do just a little update for you guys regarding myself and my YouTube Channel.  I have set one up however, I have not uploaded any videos yet.  I have made the decision to hold off until after the baby.  I just didn't realise all the work that goes into making a video!
When I eventually start making and uploading videos I do still want to keep my blog going.  I've found a lot of bloggers who make the transition over to YouTube tend to neglect there blog which I can kind of understand in one way because so much work goes into them but I do not want that to happen my own so I hope to figure out some sort of schedule once baby Dylan comes that will allow me to blog and make videos each week.

I have decided to do a weekly vlog video as so many of you are enjoying following me daily over on snapchat.  If you aren't following already definitely head over and do that now as I have been daily vlogging for nearly a week now and the response has been amazing!  Plus I'm really enjoying it :) 
SnapChat Name - @CuddleNContour 

I also plan on doing makeup tutorials, beauty hauls, baby hauls, mommy videos aswell as the weekly vlogs!  So in the beginning I hope to have a weekly vlog up each week and every second week an alternative video like a makeup tutorial etc.  However once I get into the swing of things and get a routine down with the kids I do plan to move it to 2 videos a week but we will just have to wait and see.  I do want to keep things real with you guys that's why I'm writing up this little update for you.

I do hope you bare with me through this crazy journey I'm on at the moment!
I hope you guys have an amazing Week!

Until next time,

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  1. The very Best of luck with your YouTube channel , and of course all the best with baby Dylan ☺👌


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