Summer footwear & accessories! Every item is less then €6.50!!!

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Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! I know my blog posts have been slacking I am just tired all the time and usually my blog time is when Cailan is asleep but I tend to follow straight to bed too after I put him down! Haha.  I am however trying to get back on track so I decided to do a little bit of a different post for you guys,  I did something similar a while back and I got a great response and you all loved it so I said I would go ahead and do another one.  So I did feature this website on my blog before and so many of you were asking questions about it I decided to do another must haves blog post this time everything is from the website!  Haven't heard of it yet?  Well I tell you if you fancy yourself a bargain or 3 this website is for you.  Now I must warn you before you decide to head over and have a little wander there can be a lot of shyte sometimes!  Somethings can be a very acquired taste and that's fine if that's what your into but there are some amazing buys on there too.  I did a little digging and routed out some of my favourites from footwear to bags I got your covered!

So if you want to see some of my Summer must haves just keep scrolling :)

I absolutely love these scandals they are perfect for holidays walking to the beach with a bikini or even here in Ireland paired with denim jeans and a snazzy pedicure!

Now Typically I wouldn't usually go for a med high wedge scandal but I don't know theres juts something about this shoe!  Don't you think?  Perfect for changing any daytime outfit to night.  Also the cool mint green colour is so on trend right now.  Come on ye can't go wrong for that price!

CALLING ALL FESTIVAL GOERS these are for you!  Lets be honest festivals here in Ireland are just a hit and miss when it comes to the weather!  These are perfect for when the weather isnt quite going your way.  I think these paired with some shorts or dungarees with some knee high socks will keep you looking trendy and funky whilst being prepared for that rain.  And lets face it there the type of shoe you can just leave behind after a hard weekend of partying if you wanted.  I think there adorable and an absolute bargain buy for festivals and concerts.

I seen shoes just like these on Missguided and in River Island so when I spotted them on the website I knew immediately that I had to feature them!  Besides from being one of the comfiest pairs of shoes you can invest in there are just so summery.  The colours are just fab!  I have been wearing this style shoe for weeks now, they are just handy to slip on in the mornings, they can be worn casually throughout the day and they are definitely my star buy!

Now at first I'll admit I was not loving the barbie pink satchel however the more I looked at it the more I kind of fell in love with it.  I definitely say this is a perfect bag for anybody who is going on holidays this year.  Its fun, stylish and quirky!  Its also the perfect daytime size so you can fit just about everything you will need from sunscreen, you purse, phone, keys and sunglasses! SORTED!

I know, I know this isnt really a ''summer'' bag but it was just too darn cute not too add to the post!  This bag also comes with a long strap with in my opinion is a must when purchasing a bag.  I don't know about you but I would forget my head if it was not screwed on and my bag is more or less the same.  If I do not have it on my shoulder or going across me you can guarantee I will leave it down somewhere and just forget about it altogether!  Lets be honest girls you can never have too many black handbags, they just add that little bit of sophistication to any outfit.  This bag also comes in a brown leather too!

So one of the watches above costs €7.00 and the other €180.87 can you guess which is which?  One is from the website and the other is a Daniel Wellington!  Still not figured it out yet?  Well the Daniel Wellington is on the left and the unbelievable dupe is on the right!  I have been eyeing this watch for so long that when I seen this watch for €7.00 my eyeballs nearly fell out of my head!  No joke!  Don't get me wrong I am still totally crushing over the Wellington watch but girl got's bills you know what I'm saying?  Will definitely be purchasing the dupe while I swoon over the other,  Everything 5 pounds you deserve a clap for this one!

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