Welcome to the world...

Welcome to the world
Dylan Jack Nugent
Arriving at 3.45 p.m
On the 12th of August
Weighing 7 Pounds 10 Ounces (The exact same as his brother)

I'm not going to get into too much detail about my labour as I have a separate post coming soon about it but it ended in a ceaserian section even after I went in labour this time all by myself.  I was a little gutted that I had to have another one but at the end of the day all that mattered to me was getting Dylan into this world as safely as possible and I would of done anything to do so.

As with every surgery, I was prepped in the theater and giving a top up epidural.  Thankfully I numbed this time unlike the first time if you missed my first birthstory with Cailan you will get it HERE !  Lee was then brought in and the section began.  I was a lot more aware this time around and I felt every movement, every tug, every pushing aside of my insides and then the pulling out of the little man himself.  It was certainly the most uncomfortable, strangest sensation I have ever felt.  Don't get me wrong it was completely painless but I could still feel everything!
I looked at Lee as he was doing everything to try and get my mind off things but all I could do was give him a running commentary of what the surgeon was doing!  It was completely bazzare! 

What seemed like forever but was only about 10 minutes into the surgery little baby Dylan was brought into this world and myself and Lee's life had changed once again.  
I remember just bursting into tears once I heard his tiny screams.  It was an out pour of relief, pure joy and love!
My heart swelled 

Unlike some moms I missed the initial skin to skin contact when he was first born as I was still in surgery myself Daddy got all the first cuddles.  This was something I was completely prepared for this time around however with my first section I was quite upset that I missed that special moment.  I managed to grab my first cuddle in recovery just off the theater room.  I remember my first thought was how warm he was as I cuddled him as close as I could to me.  He was just so prefect!  This little man that had been occupying my belly for the last 9 months had finally come out to say hello!
From that moment on life became even more amazing then it already was!

Cuddles were enjoyed by all!!!

As I had just had major surgery I wasn't really feeling both our family's coming in to see Dylan.  I was very weak due to a lot of blood loss so we just kept it too our parents who were more then eager to see him.  They didn't stay long, just long enough to have cuddles and a little chat.  Lee stayed with me until I was settled and looked like I had some sort of life back in me!
Poor fella had been through the mill that day too, I can't imagine what the whole experience must be like from a fellas prospective it must be hard! (Obvs not any way near as hard as us women but it must be tough for them all the same!)

Fast forward to now...
I am loving being a mom of 2 and wouldn't change it for the world.  Even though I can't tell my arse from my elbow at the moment I wouldn't have it any other way.  With the help of Lee, naps and Mr Steve Wilkos I'll get through it I'm sure.  I forgot just how much fun the night feeds are! Haha. I don't know whether I'm running on empty or just pure adrenaline at this stage but the lack of sleep is killing me!  Yesterday I put the milk in the press and woke up to some very sour wheetabix this morning yayyy!!!  

Cailan is an amazing big brother but a very hands on one at that.  He is forever kissing little Dylan and telling him it will be okay everytime he crys.  He reads him the three little bears and shushes people when hes sleeping! Talk about monkey see monkey do! Haha.

So I've been enjoying life as a mom of 2 its pretty amazing but I may have under estimated just how hard it was going to be! 
Myself and Lee are a great team he knows when I'm struggling and is always there to help and vice versa,  Nobodys perfect but together we make the ultimate tag team.  Between taking turns on night feeds to sharing the chores around the house stuff is slowly but surely getting done!! Don't get me wrong the house looks like a bomb has gone off and to get from one end to the other you have to go through an army obstacle course but we'll get to sorting that eventually!

The fun has only well and truly begun so here's to my new adventure being a mom of 2! 

Until next time,

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  1. Love this post huni! Ur a fab mammy :) and remember a messy home is a happy one :) it sounds wonderful :) you and your man are doing a great job:) you only have to look at your two handsome boys to see that :) xxx

  2. Awwwh thanks babe :) your so sweat! <3 xxx


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