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Hey Everyone :)

So this post has been long awaited.  I am just giving you guys a heads up I may have slightly over packed but in my defense I'm not sure what sort of labour I'm going to have so I'm not sure how long I will be staying in the hospital for.  It could be up to 5 days so that is what I packed for.  

Here is a handy checklist I found online as a rough guide to help me while I was packing.  This one covers all aspects so is pretty handy.  There are plenty more online if you wish to google them but this one pretty much has it all covered!

So this time around I packed two separate bags one for me and one for baby Dylan.  My bag which is the black and white polka dot weekender bag was an absolute bargain find at my local Guineys store and only cost €5.99!  I will definitely reuse this bag for nights away or even as a double changing bag for Cailan and Dylan if we are taking any day trips away as it will be so handy to store all there bits and bobs in.  Baby Dylan's bag is his changing bag that we got in Babycare Waterford on sale for only €10 which matches the colours in his car seat. 

Here is what I packed for Dylan...

1 pack of newborn nappies (Contains 24, may need more but can always get Lee to bring more in)
I cot sheet (Guineys)
1 cosy soft swaddle blanket (Snug As A Bug Baby Gifts)
1 Tommee Tippee Newborn Soother Sterilised (Chemist, just encase as I'm not breastfeeding)
2 knitted cardigans and matching hats (1 White & 1 Blue, encase hospital is cold & to go home in)
2 Newborn Hats (Penneys, Dunnes)
2 Pairs of mittens (Penneys, an absolute must to stop baby from scratching their face)
3 pairs of socks (Tk Max, Penneys)
3 triangular dribble vests (Penneys)
5 Babygrows (Penneys, Debenhams, Dunnes)
5 Sleeveless vests (Penneys, Debenhams, Dunnes)
1 cosy outfit and matching hat (Penneys, going home outfit)

This is what I packed for myself...

2 Sports Bras (Penneys, No maternity bras as I'm not breastfeeding, however sports bras are just comfy and full of support for the first couple of days until milk drains)
1 Vest Top & Shorts Pjama set (Penneys)
Another pair of Pjama Shorts (Penneys)
1 full length Pjama Leggings (Penneys)
1 Light Dressing Gown (Penneys)
Nightdress (Penneys, for giving birth in, will be throwing away after so make sure you don't spend crazy money.  An old t-shirt would even do)
1 Pair of slippers (Penneys)
1 Pair of flip-flops (Penneys)
1 Pair of fluffy socks (Only if feet are cold prefer to wear slippers)
1 Pack of maternity towels (Tescos MUM Brand)
1 Pack of mini maternity towels (Tescos MUM Brand)
5 Disposable knickers (Tescos MUM Brand)
Breast Pads (Tescos MUM Brand)
1 Small Pack of cotton wool (Chemist, for baby didn't fit in bag)
1 Pack of Johnsons Newborn Wet Wipes (Chemist, for baby didn't fit in bag)
1 Laundry bag
1 Bath Towel
Wash bag full of essentials 

Whats in my washbag...

Lacura Facial Cleansing Wipes (To give myself a quick wash with if I am unable to go to the shower due to an epidural or spinal)
Colgate toothpaste
1 New toothbrush
1 Pack of pocket tissues
1 travel sized anti bacterial gel (Clean hands are always a must around a newborn)
Hair pins & Gogo's
Elizabeth Arden large sample cleanser & toner
Johnsons body wash
Boots botanics radiance balm (I won't be wearing or bringing makeup with me so this little gem will do perfect for when I have visitors always makes me look alive)
Nia's The Balm (For any dry skin I may get also great for face and lips)
Nivea moisturiser 
Vaseline lip therapy
Ziaja sample moisturiser 
Various Perfume Samples (Alien, & Fergie)
To be added (Deodorant & Shampoo)

Things that still need to be added or will be added on the day...

Snacks (Handy to have snacks with you in hospital encase your hungry between meals, you will also be starved during labour so just handy for after)
Bottled Water
Phone charger
Camera charger
Possibly laptop & charger

And that is pretty much it guys I am now 38weeks + 6days which leaves me only 6 days until my due date!  I am still getting The Braxton Hicks Contractions every night but there is no sign of me going into labour just yet!  Will keep you guys posted but keep on eye on my Facebook & Instagram where I will leave you know if there is any updates!
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Until next time,

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