Feature Friday: Agony Aunt, Series 1... you asked I answered!

Hey my lovelys,

So not too long ago now I asked you what you would like to see as my Friday Feature.  The Agony Aunt Series won by a mile but My Random Top5 came close second so I decided to run both.  Next week will see the first installment of my random Top5 but this week its all about you guys.
I received all kinds of questions from you guys in which one or two I decided to do as separate posts all together.  I picked the 5 most popular questions and answered them below.

Question 1.  I am still in school and I don't work but I am obsessed with makeup.  Have you any tips on how to build my makeup collection?
Oh I know the struggle all to well!  My advice would simply be if you are 16+ try nab yourself a little part time shop possibly in your local shop/supermarket etc.  This way you will have your own few bob to spend on whatever you like (including building that makeup collection).  If your younger then 16 maybe you could do some odd jobs around the house in exchange for pocket money.  You could even help out extended family and neighbors by doing jobs for them too.  Earning your own money will allow you the freedom to spend your money on whatever makeup you would like.

Question 2.  What is your favourite makeup brand?
This is such a hard question to answer because I literally have so many brands that I love.  Lately I am obsessed with The Balm Cosmetics.  I love everything about there brand from the names of products, the packaging and the products themselves are amazing.  I recently done a review of The Nude 'tude palette, if you missed it defintely check it out as it includes a link to purchase the palette for only €20.00 (usually €35.00)  Just click HERE to check it out.  There highlighter Mary Lou-Manizer is to die for aswell as there Meet Matt(e) Huges liquid lipsticks.

Question 3.  Have you got any tips for dry skin?
Tip1 - Avoid using any cheap soaps, shampoos etc.  A lot of the cheaper products are very drying on the skins.  Try and stick to products the are specifically for dry skin.
Tip2 - Avoid hot showers/baths!  Very hot water can rid your skin of its natural oil barrier and your body needs that to help keep the moisture in your skin.  So turn your showers down to warm and don't stay in it for any longer then 10 minutes!
Tip3 - Be careful when your shaving.  This one is probably common sense but some people may not know that shaving also can rid the natural oils on the skin this is why so many peoples skin can become irritated after it.  Make sure you always use shaving foam/gel and always shave in the direction of the hair growth.

Question 4.  I haven't been able to find a decent nude lipstick.  What lipstick would you recommend? 
I have two all time favorite nude lipsticks that I never ever run out of.  The first is 'Bare It All' by Wet 'n' Wild.  The lipstick is an amazing nude matte that is in know way drying on the lip. My other favourite is Rimmels nude lipstick in the shade....  

 Question 5.  What made you start blogging?
This is a very good question that I actually get asked a lot.  I have always wanted to blog but just never had the balls to do it.  I guess I was too worried what other people would think if I did.  I mean its a hard thing to put your life out there for everyone to read its almost like opening up your diary to the world.  However I wish I had done it years ago.  Its only when I had Cailan and I was at home a lot and had so much time on my hands that the idea of blogging sparked up inside me again.  This time I finally just grabbed the bull by its horns and went for it and I haven't looked back since.  I absolutely love blogging and everything that comes with it.  Anyone who has something they really want to do but your letting the thoughts of what others might think hold you back then don't.  I've done it for years and now looking back I wish I hadn't.  

And that's it guys my very first Feature Friday!  I really hope you enjoyed it.  Anyone who has any kind of questions to ask at all just email me on lisamurphy92@outlook.com.  Or you can just pop me a message on any of my social medias below!

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