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Hi my name is Lisa and I am a SNAPCHAT ADDICT!

Oh my god, does it feel good to get that off my chest!!!
I am addicted to Snapchat and everything about it, whether it's watching snaps or taking them.  Its fastly consuming my daily life as I know it.  I must charge my phone at least 3 times a day... now that's a serious problem.
I first realised I had a problem when I lied to Lee about going to the toilet when in fact I just went in to sit on the toilet and watch some snaps! Hahaa.  Please I can't be the only one who does that can I? What I've decided to do is put together a list, if you find yourself doing anymore then 3 of the following below then you are a Snapchat Addict too.

#1.  Snapchat is the first thing you check once you wake in the morning.  Checking your snapstories has become way more important then checking notifications and likes on Facebook and Instagram.

#2.  Not only are you checking story's your also searching for the most decent lighting so you can send out your good morning snap!

 #3.   You have full conversations through snapchat as in... No you don't swipe right to use the actual conversation part of snapchat. Nooo... you converse through taking selfies and trying to squeeze in a sentence on the picture.  (The paint section comes in quite handy for this!)

#4.  You've been using snapchat so much that you actually prefer taking selfies/pictures on that camera.  Lets face it at this stage you know how to get all the good angles right? I mean who uses there regular camera these days anymore anyways?

#5.  Having a snap story that is longer then 140 seconds!  Lets be honest if your story is any longer then that your definitely addicted!  I mean the whole point of snapchat is to send and watch quick snaps!  If your story is reaching 2 or 3 minutes you are a snapchat queen my friend!

#6.  You take sneaky pictures of yourself and others in public.  The worst part about this is having to retake the picture about 15 times because it looks like you have about 5 chins or the worst is being caught be someone taking a shameless selfie!  Lets face it we've all been there.

#7.  Making sure your 3G is on so you can check your snapstories on your lunch break.

#8.  Like I mentioned up above, your sneaking into the bathroom etc. just to hide the fact from others that your on snapchat again!

#9.  You get annoyed at yourself if you forget to snap something!  For example you forget to snap your lunch you just ate or you meant to snap that new foundation you tried out this morning! 

#10.  Your charging your phone at least twice a day.  Snapchat is very draining on your phone battery so if your watching and taking snaps all day your going to need to charge it!  

#11.  You almost pied with excitement when you heard about the new USB chargers and phone covers that charge your phone on the go!

#12.  Last but not least, snapchat is the last thing you check before you go to sleep!  Like how are you meant to rest easy when you haven't watched all your snapstories yet!  Like what if you miss out on something?  You even send out that 'Goodnight' snap.

And that is it.
If you found yourself nodding your head to most of these then the answer to my question is yes.  Yes you are addicted to snapchat.  Heres the good news your not the only one.  I bet everyone who reads this is guilty of most.  I'm guilty of all so what the hell does that make me? Haha.

Heres my snapchat if you want to feed your habit even more...
I do a lot of daily vlogging aswell as take lots of random pictures of pretty much everything!

Until next time,

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