8 Week Postpartum Update (Mommy & Baby)

Hey Everyone :)

Can you believe its been just over two months since Dylan was born! No? Well neither can I!! Its scary how fast the time is just flying by.  Christmas is going to be in on top of us before we know it!  (Apologies if your one of those people who can't stand other talking about Christmas so early! Me on the other hand I just can't wait its my favourite time of year)

As a mommy that is normally on top of things like housework, very organised and is in control of most things in life being out of routine is killing me!  Occasionally showering, living in pjamas and living in a sty is proving to be quite difficult for me!
The only thing that seems normal to me right now is watching reruns of Jeremy Kyle at 3 in the morning whilst doing the late shift!
But I have to say the thing I was struggling most with was the lack of sleep!  I couldn't figure out why I was never so tired on Cailan and then I realised I wasn't running around after a very active toddler!  Also I could practically nap whenever he napped which made things 100% million times easier!  I am just no good when I don't get my sleep, I never was and I probably never will.  I just can't function properly without it.  
I know a lot of people are really concerned about losing the weight straight after having the baby but me on the other hand I'm just enjoying every moment I can so my weight loss has taking a bit of a back seat.  However I have set myself some goals for the this month which are...
  •  Join Slimming World
  •  Drink 2-3 litres of water a day
  •  Go for a 30-45 minute walk 2-3 times a week until its possible for me to do more intense    exercise.
I decided that I would rejoin slimming world as the first time I was in it, it really worked for me.  It doesn't feel like your on any kind of diet which I loved and exercise is not necessary so for me personally after havig the section I feel this is the best option.  I do plan on blogging about my journey with slimming world so when I join I'll be taking you guys along with me.  
Overall I feel amazing, considering I had major surgery 8 weeks ago.  My scar is healing well and the infection I had is gone.  I feel like I bounced back a lot quicker this time around then I did on my first but then again I didn't have much of a chance this time around haha!

Now moving onto the little star himself Dylan. (Also known as baby Dylan or little Dylo)   He is just the most beautiful and precious baby in the world and I get to have the most amazing snuggles off him.
Routine wise we are starting to find our feet.  He is up more a lot during the day which means he goes down easier at night.  He does 2 night feeds he will feed at around 6/7p.m and won't wake up until 1/2a.m then again at 5/6.  The feeds are a lot more manageable now that we have some sort of idea when he will wake.  Lee and myself take it in turns too so that makes them more manageable too.  
He has now grown out of his newborn clothes and is now fitting snug into his 0-3 months.  We had his check up with the health nurse 4 weeks ago where he was weighed and in two weeks he gained 2 pound 2 ounces.  So then he weighed in at 9 pound 5 ounces.  I partly guessed he would of gained a bit as he always seems to be feeding! Haha.  Our health nurse was so happy with him she is quite happy not to see him again until he is 3/4 months old.
He is absolutely thriving, thank god!

He has recently started too react to voices he recignoise's too.  He will smile and 'coo' away at you.  He is mad to talk already!  If you keep scrolling you will see how precious his little smile is I managed to catch him smile on camera! 

That's pretty much it guys!  That our 2 week postpartum update.
I will be doing monthly updates and tracking Dylan's progress.
Have a great night guys and I'll catch you in the next one!

((Look at that smile))

Until next time,
Lisa & Dylan.

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  1. You're really brave for being so honest. I bet it helps. X

  2. Ahh super cute! It's funny that it still takes a while to adjust even with your second. I had my first baby two weeks ago and I can't imagine how much harder it must be with two to look after. I'm also finding the loss of my freedom and the night feeds difficult. I'm clinging to the fact it will get easier or I hope it does! Xx

    Sarah | www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk


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