New Rimmels Match Perfection Foundation & Match Perfection Loose Powder (Review)

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I'm back with a review of Rimmels newest Foundation and loose powder.  I'm sure you have all heard about it by now but if not or your still on the fence about buying it, just keep reading :)

Rimmels Match Perfect Foundation
I give this foundation a 9/10
Heres why...

Lets be honest Rimmel is on fire lately! 
I've been wearing this foundation for about 3 weeks now in every way imaginable so I feel like I've really tried and tested the product.

I picked it up in the shade Ivory as I have very pale Irish skin, yayyy, haha!  However it does come in a variety of shades 12 in total.

My Shade > Ivory

This is one thing Rimmel excels on and it is the wide variety of skin shades they cater for.  So whether your a paley like me or your at the other end of the scale you are bound to get a shade that will suit you.

On application I found it was a medium coverage foundation that was very much buildable depending on how it was applied.  The first way I applied was with a damp beauty blender I put 2-3 pumps on the back of my hand and and blended evenly all over my face, once the foundation tried I then re-applied and found it gave an overall flawless finish.  Second way I applied was with The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  This gave the foundation a very medium coverage.  So my overall thoughts on the foundations coverage really depended on how much you applied.  
It gave off a semi-dewy finish if that makes any sense at all? Haha its just I found it didn't set quite dewy but it certainly wasn't a matte finish either.

I would apply this foundation very early in the morning around 8/9 and I wouldn't get a chance to take it off until about 10ish and I found that it lasted all day with not a single breakdown.  Now I have to say I wasn't surprised at all by this as I find the majority of Rimmels foundations have great lasting power.  I find it did tend to last just that little bit longer when set with a powder in this case I set with the Match Perfection Loose Powder.

At €9.99 you really can't go wrong with this foundation.  Its in the middle price bracket for a budget foundation but I feel like you get a higher quality foundation for the price.  I found myself reaching for this foundation every day and I even went in to grab another bottle of it while boots were running the 2 for €12 offer.

Rimmels Match Perfection Loose Powder
I give this loose powder a 7/10
Heres why...

Now I have to throw my hands up in the air and say I'm not a massive fan of loose face powder.  I'm not sure if I just perfer the pressed powders because there more convenient or what but I tend to lean more towards the pressed ones and steer away from the loose powders.
I tend to find that with the loose powders alot of products gets picked up on the brush and goes to waste. 
However I was very pleasantly surprised!

Some loose powders tend to leave the skin with a 'glow' but I found this set foundation completely matte,  It also added longevity to the foundation which is perfect if your a working girl or mommy as, let's be honest, we don't get time for touch ups.

The texture is very silky in consistency and melts like butter when applied to the skins.  There was no residue left over on the skin and when set on the face it didn't rub off when touched. I found it a pleasure to use.  

The packaging with this loose powder is unlike any of ever used.  Again I'm not a massive loose powder gal so I'm not sure if this is a thing or not but the holes in the plastic covering were not opened.  They were all left closed and you could pop them open as you pleased.  I found this amazing as I mentioned above I found a lot of powder would usually go to waste as most of them would have all the holes open so I thought that was a bloody brilliant idea!

Overall I did like the loose powder and for €9.99 again you can'y really go wrong.  It is perfect for all skin types and I find it melts perfectly onto the skin making any foundation that is underneath not only matte but it will give it a nice flawless finish too.
As for would I repurchase I don't think so.  Not because I thought the product was crap I was actually very pleasantly surprised, I just think when I'm in boots next I'll reach for they ol' reliable pressed powder.
For anyone who does enjoy loose powders then I would definitely recommend it for you!

(This is how the foundation and loose powder look once applies to the skin, FLAWLESS)

You can shop both these products here...
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder
Or in any good pharmacys!

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