The Juggling Act

Hey guys, 

So I wanted to do this post all week but just finding the free time to sit down and write it was almost impossible, even now as I'm typing I'm waiting for the dishwasher and dryer to finish their cycles and I'm trying to amuse Dylan while he coo's away in his bouncer.  Ever since becoming a mom I mastered the art of multi-tasking (I think all us moms deserve props for that) but lately I feel like I'm a star act in the circus trying juggle to many pins at once!  Doing it all is quite the struggle for most of us and I'm no exception!

Since becoming a mommy of 2 my life has been filled with even more joy and love, however it has also been filled with double the housework, double the washing and less time to do it in!  Its such a crazy time in our life's right now, time is literally speeding up, Dylan is already 9 weeks old I just wish it would slow down so we could enjoy all the moments but sometimes I feel like I'm just going through the motions of everyday life rather then having the time to enjoy it.

I'm juggling, the blog, trying to figure out how to film and edit for youtube, organising a bloggers event, the housework, playing with the kids, making meals, toilet training Cailan, orgainising Dylans christening, doing freelance makeup, all while trying to keep to our daily routine, while also trying to be a good mommy, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend and neighbor!  
Yes that was a mouthful now try living it! Haha.  Don't get me wrong I love everything I'm doing but lets be honest you wouldn't put every piece of food you love on a plate and eat it all at once would you?  No... you wouldn't but that's exactly what I was trying to do.  

I have been waking up in the night a lot lately feeling very anxious and 1 or 2 times they have turned into anxiety attacks.  Now, not for the life of me, could I figure out what could be the cause of them.  Until I lay in bed last night with a million and 1 things racing through my mind of all the things I have to do, or even start and instead of laying there relaxing I was completely stressing myself out!  
I have been going to bed completely stressed over every little thing instead of leaving my worry's at the bedroom door I have been carrying them into bed with me where they laid on my chest like a tone of bricks.  

So when I woke up this morning I said to myself 'this has to stop'.  I should not be putting so much pressure on myself.  I've always been a person who liked to set goals and achieve them but there comes a point where you just have to draw the line and say enough is enough.  Although I'm not giving up anything, I think I'll just try tackle 1 thing at a time.  Well let's be realistic I'm a mom so maybe 2/3 things at a time, haha, but not a million things at once.  

I think it's so important for everyone to take a step back every once in a while and evaluate everything they have going on.  As silly as it may sounds when you are trying to juggle everything your life can become a bit scatty at times.  That's exactly what I dont this morning I sat back made a list of everything I had to do and tackled it in order of importance.  Keeping a diary or keeping notes daily I find can keep me on track (most of the time hahaa).  Leaving little post it notes around the house aswell believe it or not helps me too.  For example I would stick a note on the kitchen door when I'm going to bed to remind me to take in/or put out washing in the morning.  Its just small things like that help keep me organised.

Anyways I just wanted to share with you guys a little snippet of my life right now.  So if you don't see a blog post for a couple of days or my youtube videos are taking forever to go up, just bare with me guys! 

If any of you have any tips of how you manage the juggling act then let me know down below!

Until next time,

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  1. I like the idea of the post it note reminders. Those would be perfect so that I can write it down, hang it up, and forget about it until I need it.

  2. Great read. You do so much and look so well. You should be proud. Defos more you time needed. Some chill time to unwind before bed x

  3. Great read. You do so much and look so well. You should be proud. Defos more you time needed. Some chill time to unwind before bed x

    1. Awww thank you hun, I do need to start chilling out more! Its just so hard to find the time 🙈

  4. I think as Mums we can put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything, if there's anything you need help with, ask someone. Don't feel like you have to do everything by yourself. Can anyone else help with the event? or can anyone help you with some housework? When I had my first boy I wouldn't let anyone help, I tried to do it all and I was burned out all the time. This time with the twins I had to ask for help because I physically couldn't do everything - it killed me to leave housework or washing or to cut back on blogging for a while but I felt so much more relaxed and less under pressure. You're doing so well, anyone who reads your blog or watches your snaps can see what a good, loving Mum you are, your little boys are so lucky. You don't have to be Superwoman, just write a to-do list at the start of the week and don't worry if you don't get everything ticked off. You're doing amazing xx


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