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So it's not everyday an event such as the one I attended last Thursday happens right here on our doorstep in Waterford City so when I was invited by NeoStrata to attend I was over the moon.  I had an absolute ball of a time and got to meet some of my other favourite Waterford bloggers too...

(First Picture, So from left to right theres, Rachel from Rachsboutique, Aoife from Fairly Fabolous Blog, then me and then last but not least the lovely Laura from Laura Dempsey Makeup)
(Second Picture, Aoife and myself again)

So as we arrived our names were taking and we were all entered into a raffle to win some amazing Neostrata products unfortunately I did not win but it comes as no surprise as I never have any sort of luck with raffles or anything of that sort anyways! Haha.  Upon arrival we were also handed free drink/cocktail vouchers and I wasted no time in popping over and getting myself  'A S** On The Beach'.  The very first cocktail I drink in over a year... oh boy was it tasty.  It wasn't long before I was back up for another! Haha.

Anyways back to the event at hand.  NeoStrata was a brand that rang bells in my ears but one I had sadly never tried so I was super excited to hear about what their products had to offer.  We sat and listened to a lovely girl, who I ended up chatting with afterwards and I can't remember her name at all.  Sorry hun if you read this! Haha, you were lovely, it was great to meet you and you did fantastically and done the brand very proud with your talk.  I learned many tips one of the ones that stuck right in my mind and I've been doing ever since is...

- Don't forget to moisturise your neck when doing your skincare routine as the biggest sign of aging are the face, hands and back of the neck!  

I know I'm certainly guilty of not looking after my neck are you?  Anything to prevent signs of aging later in life!  I'm willing to put the work in now and see the effects later! Haha.

Also on show were some of NeoStratas most popular products and best sellers in their different ranges.

So heres a fun fact for you about NeoStrata skincare! If you live in the states you will not be able to go into your local drugstore and buy something from their range it would have to be prescribed to you by a doctor or dermatologist!  Isn't that mental, basically because us Irish girls and anyone who works in the beauty sector will have a fair amount of skincare knowledge that we can determine what sort of skin condition we may be suffering from whether it be acne or eczema.  Isn't that something?  

So why is NeoStrata different from other skincare brands you ask?
Well I'll tell you it's quite simple actually, all of their products offer amazing anti-aging and rejuvenating effects thanks to the ground breaking AHA and PHA technologies.  Now I'm not going to go into all the science stuff as to be quite frank I don't understand it all myself.  However I do know that these products work so well that they are recommended daily by professionals to treat countless skin conditions and concerns.

So as you can imagine because of the high success rate of the products they can be a bit on the pricey side.  However in saying that I always say if your going to invest in a product let it be in skincare as it is so, so important to look after your skin properly and with the right tools.  The products range from €13.60 - €85.50.  I wouldn't usually recommend products that I haven't tried myself but I got a a some of the face peel applied to the back of my hand and instantly I felt a tingle!  After the mini treatment  was done there wasn't a physically difference but if you felt one hand compared to the other there was a massive difference and that was upon one application.  
I think these products would be perfect for anyone who suffers in anyway with their skin.  Let's be honest most of us Irish girls will have some form of problematic skin so why not add it to your Christmas list and give to Santa ;) Or buy for someone who you know may suffer with their skin.  Don't get me wrong there doesn't have to be something wrong with your skin to use these products because they have some of the best prevention products out there too!

I'll be the first to admit I'm lazy when it comes to my skincare routine.  An owl wipe from the boys changing bag usually does me and thats it.  How I've been getting away with it for so long i don't know.  As I'm coming into my mid 20's soon I want to establish a steady skincare routine and I can definitely see NeoStrata taking pride of place within it.

If you are as interested in me to try out some of there products here are the local stockists here in Waterford...
- Cleaboy Pharmacy
- Gallagher's Chemist Waterford
- Genesis Aesthetic Medical Clinic Waterford
- Mulligans City Centre, Dunmore Road, Tramore

So overall I had an amazing time at this event, I met some great people, ate and drink nice food and I even learned alot about skincare and NeoStrata in general.
Thanks to the lovely girls over at NeoStrata for hosting such a great event.  I will leave there links below!

NeoStrata - Facebook
Heres a link to there website also CLICK HERE

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